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Mexican-stuffed red peppers
Mexican Stuffed Red Peppers
Last-Minute Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Easy Mexican recipes start the party now!

     Mexican-inspired entrees are easy-easy, especially on a weeknight when you forgot to plan ahead. And who doesn't love a dinner theme? We've got your Cinco de Mayo options covered with our array of dishes - from guacamole to enchiladas to burrito filling.
     Just point yourself toward the kitchen, and in less than 30 minutes you'll have an exciting feast. And for a fabulous sweet sensation, visit our website (click here) for So-Sweet Sopapilla Chips. Say ole!
Guacamole - what's not to love?
Petra's guacamole
To say this recipe is authentic, is putting it mildly.

Click here for Petra's Guacamole recipe.
Chicken tenders go South of the Border!
Chili-Riubbed Chicken Tenders
Looking for a flavorful entree with a few ingredients? Check out this chicken.

Click here for Chili-Rubbed Chicken Tenders recipe.

Beverly and Alicia
Other Great Mexican-Inspired

Green Enchiladas with Chicken

Flexible Mexican Filling

Chili Beans and Rice

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