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Introducing Coffee and Convo
    The first time Beverly and I had coffee, I knew we'd be friends. She wrapped both hands around her mug then she look me straight in the eyes and asked, "So what's been going on in your life?"
    I thought to myself, now here is a woman after my own heart. She savors her morning coffee. It is ritual. It is therapy. It's sharing what I like to call "a cuppa coffee and convo."
    Even when Beverly moved from the neighborhood to over 1,200 miles away in Minneapolis, we would have our weekly "cuppa and convo" - just on the phone instead of in each others' kitchens. Now she's in Miami, but the ritual is the same.
    These are the conversations when we really get down to what's going on with family, with our common friends, and with what's on our minds. We deliberately push business aside, knowing that this is the time to focus on our friendship and our lives -- with our beloved coffee and with each other.
    Starting today, the Kitchen Scoop site introduces a new blog topic called "Coffee and Convo with Alicia." A lot has happened in my life of late, and I have bunches on my mind. I'm hoping to start a virtual conversation on our Web site and give you, our readers, a chance to join in the dialogue through the comments section under each blog post. So grab your favorite mug and join me. Beverly already has her coffee poured and she's ready to go. Let me know what you think of this idea and what you'd like to talk about.
    Click here to go to My Favorite Gingerbread recipe - a perfect accompaniment to any morning chat. Or click here to go to the home page.

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