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Volume I | Issue 4
July 2009
Dear Friend,

You may have seen the signs around town.  We're offering a brand new way to be really SMART with your money. 

EinsteinPigSMART checking is about saving paper, saving time, and saving green.  When you use your debit card, receive your statements electronically, and have a direct depost, you save many resources, and we want to reward you!

It's simple. You can earn 5.00% APY on a checking account just by doing the things you're already doing or for trying out some new ways of spending. It's not just SMART. It's Brilliant!

We'd love to tell you about this new wallet-filling and environmentally-friendly approach to checking. Simply reply to this email to learn more, or call us at the contact numbers to the right.

Or stop by. We'd love to see you! 

Senior Vice President, Community Banking

Carolyn BrearleyHome Grown Branch Manager
Why Carolyn Brearley Left Her Husband for RCB (sort of)

When Carolyn Seigler Brearley graduated from Darlington High School and headed to Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina, she didn't yet know she would love banking.  But after spending a year moving through every position as a Synovus manager-in-training, she knew she found her career.

She spent her first years in banking in Macon, while her husband completed law school.  "I kept hearing about River City," she remembers fondly, "and I really, really wanted to work there."  However, the job came available a full six months before her husband would be moving to Rome to practice law. "So I decided I'd move up early and take the job," she jokes, "I guess you could say I left my husband for River City!"

Her easygoing attitude is part of what makes her so special in the lobby.  She easily moves between projects, reports, and customers with a patience and attention that is second to none. "We are so fortunate to have Carolyn in this position," remarks President Roger Goss, "she's wonderful at dialogue banking and so good at rallying a team."

Her enthusiasm is contagious. While she has her share of paperwork like any team leader, she still knows what's most important: "I just couldn't be in a position where I wasn't with customers, period." It's that fierce sense of customer service that makes her "just perfect" for your banking experience. 

Come see Carolyn with any of your banking needs.

River City Ramblers Summer Calendar
Looking forward to many chances to travel!
There are several opportunities for the River City Ramblers to get together this summer and fall:

August 12: See the production of "Grease" at the Fabulous Fox Theater, Atlanta.

September 21 - 23: Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, Biloxi, MS

October 13: Ride the Great Smokey Mountain Railway.

October 26: Halloween Party

Mark your calendars for the winter events:

November 4: Christmas Craft Show in Birmingham, AL

December 4:
Christmas Party at Rome's Coosa Country Club

December 30 - January 4:
New Year's Celebration and the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, GA

Would you or someone you know be interested?

River City Ramblers is a group of bank friends 50 years young and up who travel together throughout the year.  Contact Sue White for more information: 706-236-3554 or click here to email:


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