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Volume I | Issue 3
April 2009 
The Economy: Perspectives From Our Market Presidents
Part II: West GeorgiaJay Gill

Dear Friend,
I am pleased to say that the bank is doing very well.  While we may be participating in the same market, we simply do not have the same problems that many banks are facing.  We started late enough in the game to avoid the real estate catastrophes that are hampering many financial institutions.  While there is always risk with lending, we began with conservative approaches and have not swayed from them.

Our market is extremely diverse and sensitive right now.  Douglas, Haralson, Paulding, Coweta, and Carroll counties are all served by our Bank. The hard truth is that several of the banks at the top of the state's troubled list are based in these areas. Many in our communities are investors and customers in these banks, so we are very aware of the great need that exists right now in our community for sound financial advice, service, and support.

What's important to remember is that while there is a tremendous amount of white noise in the media, and bankers are being added to a host of jokes about ethics, community banks were only partially involved in the triggering of the current economic conditions.  Government programs, mortgage-backed securities, and Wall Street speculation were the fundamental initiators of these volatile times.  The problem became local when the lending focus became too narrow and many banks concentrated their lending in residential real estate.

While we began our bank with good timing, we also set out with a solid strategy.  While we offer the same products and services as most other community banks, we set out to diversify our lending and build an infrastructure that would be the most efficient, secure, and time-saving for our customers.  A customer rarely waits in queue, even in our busiest times, and our associates are cross trained in a variety of services so that a customer is never feeling passed on to someone else.  Not only is this good business, but our demographics demand it. West Georgia is spread out, and time-saving technologies translate to more time with family and less hassle amidst a commute to work.

The bank is in excellent shape and it is exciting to talk about future opportunities for growth.  If you or someone you know would like to evaluate your situation, please don't hesitate to contact me or one of the members of our team directly. We hope you and your loved ones enjoy banking with us. Please share with us any way that we can make your experience better.


Jay Gill, President

>>Click to read Jay's recent article in the Times Georgian:PDF-Feb142009

KayeJoinerFrom Corporate Bank to Community-Owned
Manager Talks About Her Life in Banking

She may have only joined the team at River City Bank a year ago, but Kaye Joiner brings a wealth of experience in community banking and growing new banks from the ground up.  From the old school traditions of sending Betty Crocker cookbooks to new brides to the new technologies employed to eliminate customer wait time, Kaye has had a hand in building relationships and focusing on service for close to thirty years.

After graduating high school in Ashford, Alabama, Kaye took a job as a teller for Dothan Bank & Trust where she worked the switchboard and intermittently assisted with marketing projects like the infamous cookbooks, hand-written cards, fruit baskets for new residents, and the like. 

After marrying her husband and moving to Carrollton in 1981, she saw her fair share of bank mergers, buyouts, and growth.  She worked her way through various departments and responsibilities at People's Bank (later becoming Bank of America), Carroll National Bank (became CB&T which then became Bank of North Georgia) over a span of twenty years or so.  Just before moving to River City, she was with CB&T(First Georgia Banking Co.), but says "she just didn't feel the fit there."  When colleagues Jim and Jay Gill started the new entity, she felt like it was the right time to move, and has since "been very thankful for the decision."

Her history is second to her philosophy, though. When you get her talking about why she loves community banking, her eyes light up and though quiet and reflective typically, she swells with words. "I love building relationships and knowing my customer's family," she beams, "and the customers care about us and our families too."  Concerning RCB particularly, she is quick to acknowledge her love for not only the people but the business model:  "no one is just standing around and customers can be helped by the first person they see no matter what their need."  

She's never considered herself "just an order taker, " but rather considered herself in a "let's go out and see what we can do for you" industry.

Kaye lives in Carrollton with her husband. Her two children and two grandchildren live nearby, and both her daughter and husband are teachers at Central High School.
Avoid Technical Difficulties by Being Discerning
Kristen Vardy, Vice President of Community Banking

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