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Volume I | Issue 2
March 2009 
The Economy: Perspectives From Our Market PresidentsRoger Smith
Part I: Rome

Dear Friend,
Today, more than ever, it's important for all of us to stay current regarding the economy from both a national and local perspective.  In fact, one story that is simply not being told is that the safety and soundness of many community banks is generally unaffected by the current economic situation. 

We at River City Bank do not take lightly the trust you have shown us by allowing us to be your bankers.  We pledge to make decisions that will make your bank stronger every day!

We are not an investment bank and not one of the "Big 8".  Our loans are smaller. Our risks are more diversified. While our local area is experiencing some of the effects of the economic downturn, we live in a community with little or no concentrations in any one industry.  That means that Rome-based banks are doing very well relative to the general economic conditions.

River City Bank was created by a diverse group of Floyd County citizens.  Our financial base is rooted in medicine, education, and other industries that will weather this storm well.  Several times during my thirty-three years of banking, I've watched resilient Romans in slow economic times take destiny into their own hands and make progress happen. 

We see that now with recent announcements of several new projects like the Riverside Professional Park, the Boulevard, and the Mercy Housing project at Etowah Terrace.  These projects, when coupled with ongoing SPLOST projects, will provide significant protection against current economic uncertainties.  While the general mood of the nation is negative, Rome is forging ahead! 

For a couple of final thoughts, I'd like to remind each of you to be aware of the fact that the increase in FDIC deposit insurance limits to $250,000 is set to expire as of year end 2009.  Although I truly believe that the FDIC will act to extend those new limits, please stay tuned.

Finally, please keep our professional staff in mind for all of your financial needs-not only loans and deposits but also for the best in Trust and Investment services.  In times like these it pays to bank with local folks that you know and trust!

If you have any question regarding River City Bank or your personal banking needs, please don't hesitate to email or call.


Roger Smith, President


Jay Gill

In the next issue of eNotes,
Carrollton President Jay Gill will present Part II of
The Economy: Perspectives from Our Market Presidents

Time to think about IRA contributions
Carolyn Brearly, Rome Branch Manager, 706.236.3526
Kaye Joiner, Carrollton Branch Manager,
CarolynBrearleyIf you haven't made your 2008 contribution, you can still contribute until April 15th.  While the maximum contribution for 2008 is $5000, you may be eligible for a catch up contribution of $1000. You can make contributions for 2009 at any time and contribution limits have not changed for Traditional or Roth IRA's. Ask your tax adviser if you have questions about this.

2009 Required Minimum Distribution WaiverKayeJoiner
You are not required to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA for tax year 2009. This one year waiver of the RMD applies to traditional IRA owners age 70 or older, and to beneficiaries of deceased traditional and Roth IRA owners.

IRA owners, age 70 in 2008, who delayed taking their 2008 RMD are still required to take that distribution by April 1, 2009. This temporary waiver of the RMD rule is a provision of the Worker, Retiree, and Employer Recovery Act of 2008, and applies only to tax year 2009.

There are some special rules and considerations, so be sure to talk with someone regarding your options. A good overview of the changes and limits can be found by clicking to access the IRS website: IRA Information 2009
Feel free to talk to your Branch Manager by clicking the email addresses above or see any Community Banking Associate with questions.
Angie BeardFrom Corporate Bank to Community-Owned
Private Banker Talks About Why She Switched

When Angie Beard joined the River City Bank team, she brought over 25 years of experience in all aspects of bank operations and a particular expertise in private banking.  This Silver Creek-bred Pepperell High School alumna started her career with First National Bank of Rome, and soon found herself a private banker for Trust Company and eventually Suntrust after several mergers.
"It was becoming so big and impersonal," Angie recalls, "in order to do many things, I had to call various regional offices, rather than just the person I needed like I was used to." She had worked with Eddie Wilson previously and jumped at the chance to join the team he was building at River City. "I fit in better here. I get to be hands-on with my clients, and I like that much better," she reveals. 

As Vice President of Private Banking, Angie works with high net worth clients, serving as the point person for every financial service. "From mortgages to new accounts to investments, I get to connect my clients to what they need," Angie stated with an enthusiasm that might not always be present in someone logging thirty-one years in the same profession. 

"It's clear that Angie loves what she does and we love having her as a part of the team," CEO Eddie Wilson testified, "she is crucial to our mission of passion, service, and excellence."

If you are interested in banking with Angie, feel free to contact her directly at (706) 236-3522 or by clicking Angie.Beard@RiverCityBankOnline.com
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Kristen Vardy, Vice President of Community Banking

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