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Volume I | Issue 1 January 2009 
Dear Friend,
Welcome to our first e-notes electronic newsletter! It is my hope that you will enjoy this new format for customer communication, where we can share with you timely, relevant information about the offerings and happenings at your bank - River City Bank. Our plans are to use this format to inform you of future new product offerings, deposit and loan pricing promotions, and other information that may benefit you in the financial services arena. For example, in addition to news in this issue, you'll also find a great promotion on mortgage closing costs.

I am pleased to report to you that River City Bank is in great shape.  In two and a half years of operation, we have accumulated $212 million in total assets with $21.7 Million in equity, giving us more equity than any other community bank in Rome and Floyd County. As of December 31st, our Equity/Asset ratio was 10.3%, which exceeds the definition of "well capitalized" by our regulatory authorities.  This equity strength means that we will be able to weather this current economic storm, a fact that should comfort both our customers and local shareholders. 

Asset quality is the "bread and butter" of any financial institution and we remain highly rated by regulators and independent reviewers alike. While certainly not perfect from a lending perspective, we are fortunate to have avoided the speculative real estate market. Since Rome and Floyd County did not experience the building "boom" like the metro areas, we are not experiencing the real estate "bust" that many communities, and banks, are experiencing.

We are excited that we have gained significantly in the local deposit market share in only two and a half years. As for loans, you may hear that some banks have stopped lending money at this point, but River City Bank has not. We are more than able to serve our customers with their financial needs, and plan on doing so for a long time to come!  Due to the strength of our capital and ability to raise deposits, we've got plenty of money to lend. 

As always we at River City Bank remain committed to passion, service, and excellence in banking.  Nothing will diminish our focus on serving you when you walk through our doors.
If there is anything we at River City Bank can do to help you in any way, please contact me or a member of our team with any questions, ideas, or thoughts.


Eddie Wilson, CEO

Long Term Mortgage Rates Pose Money Saving Opportunity
Sonya Blankenship, Mortgage Originator, 706.236.3526
Lynn Terrell, Mortgage Originator, 706.236.3527

As part of the overall strategy to combat the severe economic MortgageDept
downturn, the Federal Reserve is purchasing longer term treasury
securities. The intent of this move will be to lower long term interest rates to spur housing sales.

Many analysts speculate that their specific intent is to get the 30-year mortgage loan rate in the 4.5% range during the first quarter of the year. Currently, we are hovering around 5%.  If this trend continues, refinancing may save you a lot of money.  For example, if your current interest rate is 6%, you could see almost $100 monthly savings for every $100,000 of loan balance. And if your rate is higher, you'll realize even more savings.

How can you best take advantage of this opportunity?
Our experience tells us that mortgage rates are unpredictable. Timing is everything! Chances are that rates will only drop to the lowest point for a day or two or maybe even a few hours before beginning to rise again. The only way for us to lock in your rate is to have a mortgage application in process on the day and hour the rates are lowest. And the best way to make sure that happens is to complete an application ahead of time. We'll agree to the rate you are looking for, and when the rate hits that number we will be able to lock you in and move forward processing your loan.

Once we lock the rate you can make the final decision to move forward with the loan - or not. By completing an application ahead of time you are not committing to it, but just holding your place at a rate you want. Once the rate is locked and you decide to proceed, we can then go over all the details to move forward with the loan.

If you are interested in taking advantage of some of the lowest mortgage rates in history, please complete the online application and rate lock in sheet with the rate you desire. We will be glad to monitor the rates for you and ensure you get the lowest rate possible.

For more information and the online application, click on the link to the
River City Bank Mortgage Website.
The Value of E-Notes
Kristen Vardy, Vice President of Community Banking

Look forward to product debuts and promotional rates as well as expertise from our banking team on current issues in our monthly Bank e-Notes.

Email allows us to quickly communicate to you, gives an immediate way for you to respond or get more information, and saves the bank high printing and postage costs. And of course, it's more ecologically responsible!

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Feel free to let us know. 
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Mortgage Saving Opportunity
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