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Well what a month its been for BYS!

Kevin Rudd & Justine Elliot visited the YAC and we had the chance to talk about our new national project Cringe the Binge!  It was a great opportunity for us to show how we hope to fund our important alcohol-related projects into the future and gather some support at a very high level!  For more info about Cringe the Binge please keep reading!!!

Alcohol is responsible for the most drug-related deaths in the teenage population in Australia and we plan to do something about that!  So like us on our new facebook page - and stay tuned for more ways to help out on this very important issue.  Our Cringe team is in Melbourne this week gathering up support and meeting with nationally focused organisations that we hope to get on board.  If anyone is passionate about this issue and has skills and contacts that might be useful, please get in touch with our team.

Much of our local effort at the moment is focused on trying to generate funds to keep our important local services such as Street Cruise, the Outreach Bus and Project U-Turn going until we can get Cringe the Binge up and running.  So please check out our donation video and if you can donate anything at all we would greatly appreciate it!  These programs help to keep the youngsters in our community safe if they are in Byron Shire and hanging out on the streets.  We will be doing some other fundraising things during the year and we'll keep you informed. 
BYS is charity of the month at the Byron Markets on Sunday 6th May so please say g'day and contribute if you can.

Otherwise check out the events and programs we offer young people - don't forget Vibadelix on 26th May, YACROCKCAFE each week and YouthSpeak - all local events that young people are developing as emerging leaders in our community.

Cheers from all of us .....

BYS Team

Byron: 6685 7777

Mullum: 6684 3086  



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Latest News

Cringe the Binge flyer 
Facebook/Cringe the Binge 



Byron Youth Service is currently developing a new national initiative to reverse youth binge drinking. The funding for our current programs - Street Cruise, Project U-Turn and the Mobile Outreach Bus is finished!!


We need your help to keep them going while we get "Cringe the Binge" up and running! 



Project U Turn Donation
Project U Turn Donation Video

Donate now  


Kevin Rudd MP is backing our new project idea! (Click photo for story) 


Kevin Rudd  


So is Tommy Franklin - Byron Bay's Dancing Man - a Youtube sensation!

"I'M FREE TO BE ME" - 2012 Tropfest Finalist (TSI "Light Bulb")


Every dollar we raise counts! As it will help us keep these vital services operating over the next six months.


We hold Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australia Taxation Office, making all donations to BYS tax deductible.

Bluesfest Breathlayser South Stall
Byron Youth Service's awesome volunteers managed 2 Breathalyser stalls, recharged mobile phones for $3.00 per hour and a condom guessing game competition to win 2 x 5 day pass to Bluesfest 2013 which was won by Mishae Bailitis! Congratulations Mishae and thank you Bluesfest for donating tickets!
We raised just over $5000! 
Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and patrons who supported BYS throughout the festival! 
See you next year!!! 

'A massive thank you to Andrew Hall for another generous donation towards keeping our Outreach Service running in the north of the Shire on Friday and Saturday nights. Youth workers provide assistance, information, food, water, condoms, referral and a wide range of support to young people who are out after hours on these nights. We also get to have fun with our people too!  
Many thanks also to our anonymous sponsor who has made another donation which makes it possible for one of the Mullumbimby Cottage girls to
continue with her dance classes again this term. Without her generosity dance classes would be impossible.'

See Jemma and Marti having a dance during schoolies!   

Jem & Marti Outreach
                           Jem Outreach
What is STEER Project?


"The STEER Project provides Support, Teamwork, Education, Experience and Rewards to reduce the risk of youth having a car crash by 50% and encouraging them to make safe transport choices".


And this is how we are going to do it...

  • we connect Youth and their Parent/Carers into a positive, encouraging and supportive social network;
  • we make Youth and their Parent/Carers feel Vulnerable... by exposing them to real life stories; Confident... by giving them information, tools and skills to make safe transport choices; Experienced... by offering them opportunities to test their new found knowledge and skills;
  • we create and maintain youth safe transport options;
  • we give Youth and their Parents/Carers rewards for making safe transport choices.
... join the STEER Project.

We would like to thank:
Transport NSW for sponsoring the Project
Northern Rivers Community Foundation
and all the wonderful people who have given their support!

Youth Voices 


Sophie Barnes 17 - Events Management student  


1. What has been the best experience in your life?

Recovering from Spinal Surgery!


2. What inspires you?



3. Who would you like to meet and what would you ask them?

Billie Joe and I would probably be speechless!!


4. What would you like to see happen in Byron Bay?

To remain as a unique community rather than becoming another commercial town!      


 5. What has been the worst experience in your life?

When my grandma's dog Zoe died! 


6. What do you believe in?

I believe in God!  


7. What would you like to change in the world?

Animal cruelty! 


8. What's important in a relationship?



9. Interwiewee to Interwiewer.   

What's the favourite part of your job?

When a project comes together without any dramas and seeing young people blossom!

Programs and Activities 
Youth Speak with Karim

Vibadelix one earth festival
Yoga with Chloe
Hardcore Yacrockcafe
Saturday 19th May - 6pm
Thursday 31st May - 6pm

Byron Young Mums' Group  

  Young mums  


Byron Youth Service invites

Young Mums with children, young mums with kids in daycare/school  

and young mums-to-be to join the


Group meets at the Byron Youth Activity Centre  

1 Gilmore Crescent Byron Bay   

Tuesdays 10am to 12.30pm



The group offers young mums a safe place to share ideas
& socialise with others in a child friendly environment.
Bring something to share for morning tea.

For more information contact Group Coordinator  

Rosalie Bryant on 0431524044


Facebook/Young Mums 

BOXATION with Peter Gauge 


Project U Turn

The official funding for Project U Turn finishes this month. Based on the feedback we have had from young people and community members, we believe the Project IS making a difference to youth binge drinking. We need it to continue! Here is a video summary of what we have been doing over the past two years.

As the curtains close on the government funding, we are working hard to develop our new 'Cringe the Binge' strategy so that we can continue this important work.  


B.Y.T.E. (Byron Youth Theatre in Education run by Lisa Apostolides) 
I had the great pleasure of viewing a run-through of 'Calling the Shots' - a performance written, devised and acted by a group of talented young people who are taking the play out to Year 7 and 8 audiences in the coming weeks. BYTE is a group of young people who care about the issues that binge drinking creates.  
'The play highlights the stages in a teenager's life, showing how she wants to fit in, be popular and escape the pain of her parents' divorce that leads her to drink.. a habit that quickly gets out of control.' 

Turning The Tide 


Cruising the North of the Shire on Friday nights from 8pm till 12am.  

This includes Brunswick Heads, Ocean Shores, South Golden Beach, Mullumbimby and Sunrise Beach.

Cruising around Byron CBD and Suffolk Park on Saturday nights from 8pm till 12am.









for allowing us to park the bus on their property!  


We are always looking for people that would like to donate food or drinks for this fantastic program...


Lisa Fensom Ph 6685 7777 EXT 3

Find us on Face Book at  Facebook/Turning the tide

"LIKE" this page and keep updated on where the bus is at !!!

Byron Youth Service Team

Management Committee

  Richard Heazlewood-Ross         Chairperson
  Maxine Caron                                Deputy
 Ian Leggo                                 Treasurer
 Rob Eldridge                             Secretary
 Mark Smith                                Member
  Philip Preston                              Member
 Karim Kaufman                           Member
 James Nash                                Member
 Nicqui Yazdi                            BUDDI Rep
  Stephanie Sims           Staff Representative

Byron Youth Service Workers

Di Mahoney                                                        Director
Deb Pearse                            Mullum - Youth Connections
Melissa Honey                                         Links 2 Learning
 Tegan Rowles                                               Youth Worker
 Bridget Perry                                               Youth Worker
Rosalie Bryant                          Byron - Youth Connections
Stephanie Sims                                   Fundraising/Events
Kate Reed                                Project U-Turn Coordinator
Lisa Fensom                         Turning the Tide Coordinator
David, Jemma, Luke & Marti
Casual Youth Workers


Community Project Workers 

 Steve, Odette & Angela                              BCC Flexi-School
 Chad Kolcze                                             The Uncle Project
Lisa Apostolides                 BYTE Youth Theatre Co-ordinator
 Nicqui Yazdi                                 BUDDI CDAT Co-ordinator
Phil Preston                                STEER Project Coordinator