"How to Ace College" Teleclass
Everything you need to know for college success-- but high school didn't teach! 
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Led by a Rhodes Scholar with two Harvard degrees,
this class will teach you:
What You Need to Know About Lectures
What you should do before the lecture starts
Four approaches to help you remember key information 
How to read your professors
Why the class syllabus is crucial
Why you should ask questions during lectures 
What you need to know about taking great notes
Simple techniques to help you stay alert 
What you need to do with your notes after the lecture
What You Need to Know About Reading Texts
 What you need to do before you read 
What you need to do while you read 
How to annotate for test preparation
What You Need to Know About Studying
How to study from your lecture notes and text annotations
Six techniques to make memorization easier and more fun
How to study for multiple-choice tests
How to study for true-false tests 
How to study for essay tests
How to use study groups effectively 
When and where it's best to study
Cramming tips (only for emergencies!) 
What You Need to Know About Testing
Secrets for answering multiple-choice questions 
Secrets for answering true-false questions 
Secrets for scoring higher on essay questions 
What to do when you're stumped
How to deal with test anxiety 
What not to do before the test 
What to do as soon as you're given the exam paper 
What to do after the test to improve future grades
Plus . . .
How to talk to professors 
What to consider when picking classes
Organization tips
and more!
This teleclass has been recorded, and is 
downloadable to Ipods, Mp3 players, and your computer
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Instructor:  Susan Goodkin is a Rhodes Scholar who received her undergraduate and law degree from Harvard, a master's degree from Oxford, and is currently Executive Director of the California Learning Strategies Center.  She is a national lecturer, writer and consultant on education issues, including how students can optimize academic success.                            
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