Dear Parents,
Would you like a fun way to help your children excel throughout their academic careers -- from 4th grade through college -- without leaving your home?  
Summer is a great time for students to learn from our interactive and entertaining 1.5 hour DVD's.  (Especially helpful for students entering middle school or high school this fall!)  
Preparing Your Brain for Middle School: A 4th and 5th Grader's Guide to Make Learning, Studying, and Testing Easier, More Effective, and More Fun
Optimizing Your Middle School Brain: How to Make Learning, Studying, and Testing Easier, More Effective, and More Fun
Optimizing Your High School Brain: How to Make Learning, Studying, and Testing Easier, More  Effective, and More Fun 
Special rates through August 15th: only $21.95 ($2 S&H). The usual cost is $29.95.  Call 805-642-6686 to order.
                   Our DVD's teach students how to:
Make classwork and homework easier -- and more fun -- by working with their learning style and learning disposition;

Identify their learning style (visual, audio, kinesthetic) and learning disposition (creator, performer, producer, relator, inventor);

Stay focused and interested in lectures with creative thinking; 
Learn new material more easily by using four simple approaches; 

Study more effectively by using creative study techniques, including:  

            acrostic mnemonics,
            acronym mnemonics,
            visual mnemonics,
            point of loci memorization,
            idea mapping (middle school/high school program only); 
Get better test grades by using the newest research-based approaches. 
What parents and students say about our "Your Brain" programs: 
"This is a program that should be offered at the schools for all students and families."
  Patty, parent.
"Great program; I'll recommend it to other parents."  Lynn Cameron-Gormley, parent.
"Information every child should have, presented in a fun and engaging way."  Rose Hayden Smith, parent.
"I loved it."  William H., grade 8.
"Great program.  I enjoyed it and plan on using the tips provided for both my kids and myself."  Angie Hecht, parent.
"Great job!  You made theory practical for students and parents."  Judi Kelly, parent.
"Yay! Very good."  Trevor S., grade 10.
"Thank you.  I really enjoyed the insight of the workshop."  Alyssa, grade 10.
"Clear and concise, with useful information for life skills and family relations."  Joy, parent.
"I'm glad I took this class because now I know the best ways for me to learn, and I won't have to waste time trying to learn things in ways that don't help me."  Kate D., grade 9.
To Order:  Special offer good through August 15th, 2009.  Only $21.95 (plus $2 S&H).  Please call 805-642-6686 to order.
Susan Goodkin is a graduate of Harvard University, Harvard Law School, and Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. Susan writes nationally on education issues. She lectures widely on both legal and education issues, and consults with parents to help them add challenge and enrichment to their child's education.  Susan is the Executive Director of the California Learning Strategies Institute (   
Sonja Montiel is a former college admissions officer at UC Santa Barbara, founder of the college admissions counseling firm College Confidence (, and the creator of the "College Road Trip" admissions planner. Sonja has a Masters Degree in Education from UCSB. In addition to college counseling, she helps students identify and work with their learning styles, understand their learning weaknesses, and focus on their strengths.

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