Significant life events
and how to regain your footing
Significant life events are stressful by definition.  That stress is often prolonged because once the event itself has passed, one needs to "catch up" emotionally.  Individuals frequently remain perplexed, uneasy, and unsure of themselves even in cases where, by most measures, they have experienced a positive event.

A sampling of the most common significant life events:
  • Retirement
  • Empty nest
  • Losing a job
  • Divorce
  • Sudden financial windfall (e.g. inheritance)
  • Marriage
  • Selling a business
  • College graduation
  • Death of a spouse or significant other
After the event passes, individuals are left wondering:
  • "What's next for me?"
  • "What am I capable of doing?"
  • "What do I want to do?"
  • "Who am I if not owner/student/spouse/boss/parent?"
Managing Significant Events and Transitions

  1. Lean on others - While you are likely venturing into personally unchartered territory, remember that, as unique as we all are, others have been through similar experiences.  Take advantage of what they have learned, and use their support to help you stay grounded.
  2. Don't rush it - You may feel the need to make quick decisions and "start your new life."  But your new life will last awhile...make sure you are making decisions because they are good decisions for you, not because you have a burning need to just make ANY decision to increase your sense of stability.
  3. Make sense of it - While the perceived impact of this event will possibly change for you over time, you should actively focus on how this event fits in the broader context of your life and who you are.  Take time to focus on the insights you have acquired from this transition.

MK Insights - Individual Development Program

Through the use of established, well-validated, psychological self-assessment tools and feedback, this program helps individuals refine and enhance their understanding of their personality strengths, emotional style, and values.  This short-term program can help those in transition by:
  • application of personality strengths to business, career, and key relationships
  • increased professional and personal resilience
  • an empirically-based summary of who they are...regardless of job, primary relationships, or environment.
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A Final Thought

While you may not be experiencing such an event or transition right now, chances are that someone very close to you is (a friend, colleague, client).

Forwarding this email to that person(s), even if they chose not to act, will be an expression of your concern for their well-being, and an acknowledgement that you have been paying attention.
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