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An objective look back
A look at current realities
MK Insights
2009 Planning Program

First, a series of objective, rigorous, on-line assessment tools will enable you to gain clarity on your:
  • personality strengths
  • key motivators
  • underlying values
  • emotional/social competencies
  • potential "derailers"
Next, this information will be utilized to build effective, realistic plans related to next year's:
  • professional goals
  • key partnerships
  • business strategies
  • branding/marketing
  • client acquisition and retention strategies
  • personal goals
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Planning for the real world

You can do anything if you set your mind to it.


How about: You can do anything if you have a firm grasp of:
  • what is likely
  • what is possible
  • what is not very likely
  • and what is pure psychotic fantasy
This kind of information can be hard to come by, but can have a tremendous impact on results.

We all know that changing habits and fundamental behaviors are INCREDIBLY difficult to do and maintain.  Not impossible, just difficult.

With year end approaching, and planning underway for 2009, consider what is would mean to launch a more practical, realistic, and effective planning process based on hard psychological data (rather than fantasy) for you, your career, your business, your family...anything you care deeply about.
Taking an objective look backman at desk
The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  Its not rocket science.  We are each the sum total of our personalities, values, motivations, skills, likes, dislikes and behaviors.  Taking a good look at results and how those results were achieved or not achieved will provide information that is priceless for your future planning.

Most of us don't take the time to do this because it can be painful, or it seems like energy pointed in the wrong direction (backward instead of forward).  These are excuses and nothing more.

Some key questions to ask when planning:
 - Where did I exceed my expectations this year?
 - Who played a key role(s) in recent successes?
 - What am I most pleased with from this past year(s)?
 - What goals did I miss and why?
Now, take a look at current realities
globe While we learn about ourselves through experiences and relationships, psychological science has made it incredibly easy to learn about ourselves in a very short period of time, with very little effort.  While psychological testing got its start in the early part of the 20th century (primarily for military purposes), most Fortune 100 companies now use some form of these assessments to determine "goodness of fit" for specific jobs and even corporate culture more generally. 

While no one test is 100% accurate at predicting all behaviors, these technologies can be exploited for one's own development, personal or professional, business strategies, sales success, as well as overall life satisfaction. 

Looking at current realities means being willing to understand oneself as others see you, as well as being willing to realize that some things will come easy to some people, and not to others.  This is where assessments shine, and this is where they can deliver tremendous business and personal value.
Many psychological professionals believe that human development is nothing more than increasing one's understanding of objective reality (in effect, "shrinking" one's irrational and inaccurate perceptions).

Consider planning for 2009 as your opportunity to create ambitious yet firmly grounded strategies for the development of your business, your profession, or your personal life.

Best wishes,

Michael Klein, Psy.D.
President, MK Insights
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