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August 19, 2011

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August 22

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State Representative Kelly Hancock congratulates BISD for winning the 2011 Gallup Great Workplace Award.

Rep. Kelly Hancock congratulates BISD
Rep. Kelly Hancock congratulates BISD



The Birdville Education Foundation Supports BISD Teachers.


The Technology and Information Management Services (TIMS) department recently launched a new website.


>TIMS website  

Voicemail Messages

Please make sure phone messages reflect information about the district's school hours.  

Campus principals need to verify that campus voice mail messages are kept updated and reflect pertinent information for your campus.


BISD expects all staff with voicemail and e-mail to change their voicemail and out of office reply on e-mail when they are not going to be in the office/classroom. The district does not want people to leave a voicemail or e-mail to find out later that the person is out of the office/classroom for several days.