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May 5, 2011

The communications department publishes the employee newsletter "e-nlightened" each week so staff can keep in touch with what is going on across the district.  E-mail your pictures and a brief description to Communications and we will include them as space permits.

In This Issue
BISD's Campus Teachers of the Year
Employee Transfer Request
* Birdville Golf Classic
* Open Enrollment Benefits
* Cheney Celebrated Earth Day
* Registration Deadline
* Congratulations to Stepfanie Romero
* C.O.R.E. Values

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School Nurse & Speech Pathologist Day

May 11


Inclement Weather Make Up

May 26 & 27

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May 29

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Congratulations to BISD's Campus Teachers of the Year

Elementary Teachers 

   Dinah Sherrill - Jack C. Binion Elementary 

   Jean S. Talent - Birdville Elementary 

   Jenny Heckathorn - Major Cheney Elementary at South Birdville 

   Beth Brimer - W.T. Francisco Elementary  

   Angela Limon - Foster Village Elementary  

   Rene Rhodes - Green Valley Elementary  

   Diana Lewis - Grace E. Hardeman Elementary  

   Sandra Mork - Holiday Heights Elementary  

   Tyler Hansen - Alliene Mullendore Elementary  

   JoAnna Shores - North Ridge Elementary  

   Julie Herring - W.A. Porter Elementary 

   Lauri Smith - Richland Elementary  

   Darla Sawyer - David E. Smith Elementary 

   Teri Naya - Smithfield Elementary 

   Linda Ristow - John D. Spicer Elementary 

   Teresa Nickell - Snow Heights Elementary 

   Melissa Montgomery - O.H. Stowe Elementary 

   Sally Frye - Academy at C.F. Thomas 

   Nancy Kozak - Walker Creek Elementary 

   Jess Erwin - Watauga Elementary 

   Edwin Crespo - Academy at West Birdville 


Middle School Teachers 

   Betina Rhine - Haltom Middle 

   Christina Cooper - North Oaks Middle 

   Mary Terry - North Richland Middle 

   Tracy Cox - North Ridge Middle 

   Gary Edge - Richland Middle 

   Jason Turner - Smithfield Middle 

   Inita Steele - Watauga Middle 


High School Teachers 

   Terri Wilson - Birdville High 

   Kelvin Dilks - Haltom High 

   Trudie Byers - Richland High 

   Tammy Wright - Birdville Center of Technology & Advanced Learning

   Lisa Stockholm O'Connor - Shannon Learning Center 


Employees interested in requesting a campus transfer may access the application form online.


Employee Transfer Request Application - 



Transfer requests will be accepted March 21 - June 15.


To access the Campus Transfer Request Application employees should use their PeopleSoft ID# as their login and the last four digits of their social security number as their password. Employees will be notified by a principal or campus administrator if a position becomes available at the campus requested.





Birdville Golf Classic


May 31, 2011


Join in this great day of golf and fun.


>Birdville Golf Classic Entry Form 





Open Enrollment 2011-2012

Open Enrollment for benefits for next year is Monday, April 18 through Friday, May 20.  All changes made during this time will not be effective until Sept. 1, 2011. Below is a link to an important video pertaining to this year's open enrollment process. 


Revised TRS-ActiveCare Enrollment Guides for 2011-2012 are currently being distributed to campuses.


Important Notes:

         TRS made a critical change that is directed to employees  that decline coverage for themselves or their dependents.

         There were major changes to ActiveCare plan 2 and plan 3. (No major changes to plan 1.)


Visit BISD's revised benefits website at birdvilleschools.net/benefits. A link to the website can also be found on the staff webpage under "Staff Resources." The benefits website is not the same as the Employee Benefits HUB.  The Employee Benefits HUB is for electing benefits, and the benefits website is for information.


2011-2012 Open Enrollment Video
2011-2012 Open Enrollment Video

Cheney Elementary students celebrated Earth Day by planting a tree in memory of Miguel Rico, who died earlier this year. His class also released balloons in his honor.


Registration Deadline


The last date for resignation for contract personnel is "not later than the 45th day before the first day of instruction of the following school year." The first day of instruction for 2011 - 2012 is August 22, 2011; therefore, the last day for all contract personnel to resign is July 7, 2011. 


> Read More


2011-12 Duty Days


>  Duty Day Chart


Congratulations to Renee Norris, Haltom High School theater teacher, for being named the Theatre Teacher of the Year from the Live Theatre League of Tarrant County. The award is based on her contributions to live theatre in the community. 

Staff Discount Page
Remember to check Employee Discounts on the staff webpage.

Congratulations to Stepfanie Romero, Walker Creek Elementary bilingual teacher, for being selected Bilingual BEAM Teacher of the Year by the Bilingual/ESL Education Association of the Metroplex (BEAM). This award is in recognition of those educators who have made contributions to bilingual education beyond the normal scope of their assigned responsibilities.