December 16, 2010 

The communications department publishes the employee newsletter "e-nlightened" each week so staff can keep in touch with what is going on across the district.  E-mail your pictures and a brief description to Communications and we will include them as space permits.
In This Issue
* Christmas Cards
* Phone Message Reminder
* All-Birdville Marching Band
* Retirement Deadline
* C.O.R.E. Values

Upcoming Events

Holiday Break
Dec. 20*- 31
*Possible Inclement
weather make-up

Student Holiday/Professional Learning
Jan. 3

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Holiday Check List 
Phone Message Reminder

 PhoneAs we prepare for the upcoming holiday, please make sure all phone messages reflect current information concerning days off and returning dates for your campus or department.  
Campus principals need to make sure that the main campus voice mail message reflect pertinent information for your campus.

All-Birdville Marching Band Rose Parade Information
  • On Wednesday, Dec. 22 beginning at 1:30 p.m., the 550 member All-Birdville Marching Band that is marching in the Tournament of Roses Parade will march down Mid Cities Blvd. from the Fine Arts/Athletics Complex to Smithfield Middle School and back to the Fine Arts/Athletics Complex. The band will perform on the field at the FAAC following their march down Mid Cities. The community is invited to be a part of this Rose Parade preview.
  • The All-Birdville Marching Band will perform at the Tournament of Roses Parade BANDFEST on Dec. 29 at the Pasadena Community College.  This event will feature many of the bands that will march in the Rose Parade including the TCU Marching Band.  Bandfest will be broadcast live via a webcast.

Note: The Webcast window is open and able to accept purchase for viewing and donations to the All-Birdville Band.  Access can be obtained through either www.tournamentofroses.com/bandfest-webcast or through the Tournament of Roses site at  www.tournamentofroses.com/.

  • The BISD community is invited to watch the All-BISD Marching Band in the Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2011. The Rose Parade will be broadcast live on ABC, the Hallmark Channel, HGTV, NBC, and Univision.
Deadline for Claiming Compensation for Unused Leave Retirement is February 1

To qualify for this benefit, an employee must:

  • Submit notice of retirement to Personnel Services no later than February 1 of the school year they plan to retire; 
  • Be eligible for retirement under Teacher Retirement System of Texas; and
  • Have been employed by the Birdville School District, with no break in service, for a minimum of five (5) years.

Questions regarding retirement should be directed to Lisa Vargas in Personnel Services at 5739.