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August 05, 2010 

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Aug 23

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August 16

Breakfast buffet begins at 8 a.m.
Program begins at 8:45

Richland Hills Church of Christ
Adequate parking is available on the church lot

Changes to Sick Leave Bank Guidelines
The guidelines for the Birdville ISD Sick Bank have been revised and are effective for the 2010-11 school year.  The following represents the major changes:
        Enrollment period:  The sick bank enrollment period will now coincide with the open enrollment period for all other district benefits.
        Sick bank committee election: Sick bank committee nominations will continue to be made from campus principals or department directors. However, when more than one member is nominated from a specific group, the current sick bank committee will make the committee selection rather than conducting a district-wide vote.  If no nominations are received from a specific group, the committee will select a new committee member to serve at-large from any other group nomination.
        Required number of absence days: Sick bank members must be absent from work for five or more consecutive days in order to apply to the sick bank.  Exceptions are made for serious illnesses requiring periodic treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis, and similar conditions.

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