October 20, 2009  

"Speak Up" Survey

BISD administration is asking all third- through 12th-grade students to participate in an online survey called "Speak Up." Speak Up is an annual national research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow. The main purpose of the project is to collect and report the unfiltered feedback from students, parents and teachers on key educational issues.

Though the survey is open through Dec. 18, BISD is only participating Oct. 20 - Nov. 6. Beginning today, all student computers in BISD will have a link on the desktop to the survey. We ask all classes that use a computer lab during that time period to allow 10-15 minutes for students to complete the online survey.

The password for the survey is "bisd."

There is also a teacher, administrator and parent component to the Speak Up survey. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey for BISD.

If there are any issues with the link on the student computers, please try the link on the front of the Web page or call the Help Desk at 5888.