August 25, 2009  

BISD's SAT/ACT Scores Surpass State Average

BISD's 2009 SAT composite score of 1,039 is considerably higher than the state average of 992 and the national average of 1,016. Individual campus scores were 1,070 for Birdville High, 984 for Haltom High, and 1,056 for Richland High. In 2006, SAT added a writing component to the test. Individual campus scores on the writing portion were 504 for Birdville High, 471 for Haltom High, and 487 for Richland High. Both Birdville and Richland high schools scored above the state average of 480 and Birdville scored above the national average of 494. A total of 511 BISD students took the test this year.
BISD's 2009 ACT composite score of 22.1 is higher than the state and the same as the national averages. Individual campus scores were 22.4 for Birdville High, 20.4 for Haltom High, and 22.8 for Richland High. A total of 302 BISD students took the test this year.
"We are proud of the students of BISD who continue to excel on these national tests," said Superintendent Stephen F. Waddell. "The district constantly reviews the progress of our students. Our goal is to prepare them to succeed in a future they create."
In order to help prepare students for the SAT test, BISD will continue to require sophomores and juniors take the PSAT test in October at district expense. The PSAT test helps the district identify areas where students need additional assistance. In addition, it helps identify potential National Merit Scholars. The Superintendent's Scholars SAT Preparation Training Program identifies ninth- and tenth-grade students for additional training for the more rigorous test.