June 5, 2009 "Special Bulletin" 

Board Approves Salary Increases

The Board met in special session on June 4 for the purpose of studying the 2009-10 budget and to approve the 2009-10 salaries. With a unanimous vote in support of BISD employees, the Board approved salaries, including a starting teacher salary of $48,000. All teachers will receive an increase of $1,200.  For other employees, the 2009-10 budget provides an increase of two percent at midpoint of their pay grade.
The salary schedules will be posted at a later date. Employees will be notified in the "e-nlightened" when this information is available.  Once available, new salary information can be viewed at HCM eApplications. HCM eApplications can be found under the staff link on the district's Web page.