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Welcome to the APO Family!
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High Priority Items!
It is vital that chapters start wrapping up the loose ends before the end of the semester and officer transitions. That being said, please take the time to read the "Reporting Reminders" at the link below.
Click here to view "Reporting Reminders" from the office of Judy Mitchell...
Important Deadlines!
John Mack Applications
Due May 1, 2009
Fall '09 Pledge Class Namesake Nominations
Due May 1, 2009
SYSD Reporting
Due May 4, 2009
Online Reporting of Graduating Seniors
Due June 1, 2009
Membership Academy
Is your chapter setting out membership plans for the fall? Are you looking at the calendar and not sure where to start? The Membership Academy can help! We help your chapter create your plans for all aspects of membership. We start with recruitment and pledging, and work our way into making plans to retain our chapter membership.
Click herefor more information or to register for a Membership Academy...

Space is limited. Don't miss your chance to register!
Get Registered for APO LEADS!
May is a great month to take advantage of the leadership development opportunities in the Fraternity! Below is a list of APO LEADS events taking place across the nation. Click on the name of the event for more details.
EXPLORE - May 2, 2009
Alpha Epsilon Kappa
Section 91
EXPLORE - May 2, 2009
Iota Gamma
Section 86
EXPLORE - May 22, 2009
Omicron Nu
Section 98
LAUNCH - May 31, 2009
Zeta Psi
Section 8
Click here to view the entire APO LEADS Course Calendar.
Welcome to the Family!
The following chapters are the lastest spring additions to the Alpha Phi Omega family. Congratulations brothers!
Alpha Zeta Rho
Defiance College
Chartered February 22

Chi Lambda
Elizabeth City State University
Rechartered March 1
Nu Psi
Montclair State University
Rechartered April 18

Omega Sigma
California State University at Fullerton
Rechartered April 25

Alpha Zeta Sigma
Saint Anselm College
Chartered April 26

Membership Trend Graphs Mailed!
In the past couple of weeks, your chapter should have received a letter and membership trend graph from the National Office.
If you have not received this information or have questions regarding the information you received, please e-mail the Director of Educational Programs at
Click here for a sample graph and more information on this mailing...
Click here to view a copy of CAPS...
SYSD Reminder!
In order for your chapter to remain in "good standing" with the Fraternity, it is required to report on its Spring Youth Service Day activities. The Reporting deadline is MAY 4! 
Click here to report your SYSD activities...
Follow-up Links
Spring is here and in full force on campuses across the nation. As many students start wrapping up their spring semesters and possibly even prepare to graduate, Alpha Phi Omega brothers continue to go above and beyond by continuing their service to the four fields of service.
While we know this is a busy time of year, the National Office wants to remind chapters that it is vital to start tying up loose ends from the semester. Be sure to take a look at the deadlines and high priority items that need to be addressed before you leave for the summer. You can find these items at the top of the bar on the left of this e-mail.
Good luck with the remainder of your semester!

Torch Topics Editorial Team
P.S. Keep sharing your chapter's news with Torch Topics and Torch & Trefoil. We love sharing the exciting projects our chapter members are organizing on campuses across the nation! If you have an event or news that you would like to share with the Fraternity, e-mail the Torch Topics Editorial Team.
April Video of the Month!

Click the video above to view Iota Phi's latest music video "Love in APhiO." An incredible performance by Iota Phi at University of California at Davis!
If your chapter is hard a work making videos for recruitment, etc., share your efforts with brothers across the nation by nominating your video for the May Video of the Month. Simply post your video to YouTube, then send a link to the Torch Topics Editorial Staff at
What Matters To You?!?
The "Why" Behind What We Do
By Jill Esplin, Leading for Life 
While many students are ready and willing to be leaders on their campuses, do they really know the reason behind their decision to join and lead campus Greek sororities and fraternities, student organizations and other campus clubs and organizations?
Click here to check out Jill Esplin's article What Matters To You? The "Why" Behind What We do, an article that digs deeper into what motivates certain students to take the lead while others chose to follow.
Alpha Phi Omega does not endorse, support, or receive any benefits for including the article.
Coming in Fall 2009:
A New Face for Torch&Trefoil
Over the years, Alpha Phi Omega's quarterly newsletter, Torch & Trefoil, has undergone a number of changes and it is time to update again! However, we need the help of each of our chapters!
We want to share more information than ever before about the activities of our chapters and chapter members. From academic awards to chapter conferences - we want to know!
Submit photos, videos, chapter activities, conferences, service projects, awards, etc. to Torch & Trefoil on so we can share your activities with the entire Fraternity!
Grant Money Available! Apply Now!
Has your chapter found it difficult to retain members? The Friendship and Retention Grant is a new program that can assist your chapter! Why not have an event that will invite inactive members and alumni back to have fun with the whole chapter. The FAR Grant can help fund the activity, and everyone can share in the friendship and bonds of brotherhood.
Don't miss out! Applications are due May 1, 2009. 
Click here for more information...
Become an APO Life Member
Life Membership in Alpha Phi Omega is an opportunity for members to financially support the long-term stability of the Fraternity. It also serves as a declaration of your lifetime commitment to the Cardinal Principles of Alpha Phi Omega.
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"Nothing you do for children is ever wasted. They seem not to notice us, hovering, averting our eyes, and they seldom offer thanks, but what we do for them is never wasted."
-- Garrison Keillor