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CIPS Governance Changes - FAQ
CIPS Blog Posts: "CIPS Saskatchewan Update"
NEW CIPS Member Benefit - The National Post
Get Involved in Building the Guide to the Common Body of Knowledge for Computing and IT (CBOK)
IT World Canada's "TECH LEARNING SPACE" Launches Online I.T. Management Programs that Earn CIPS Recertification Credits for I.S.P. & ITCP Holders
Reminder: You Can Pay Your CIPS Membership Dues Online
IP3 Board Elects New Chair
The Quest for Canada's Smartest IT
SC Congress Canada 2011
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CIPS Governance Changes - FAQ

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The Federal Government have passed changes to Bill C-4: Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (LS-624E), which will require all affected organizations, including CIPS, to change their Constitution and By-Laws to comply with the Act. The CCITP (CIPS' National Governing Board) instructed the National Constitution Committee to prepare the necessary revisions to bring CIPS in compliance with the Act and to also conclude the changes required to achieve the New Governance Model.  While a number of changes to CIPS' governance model were implemented in 2008, those changes represented the initial steps required to begin the implementation of the New Governance Model.  One of the key remaining changes proposed to the Governance Model is that the CIPS Provincial Societies become the voting members of CIPS National.  Individual members retain their voting rights at the Provincial Society level and have the ability to influence the direction of the National Society through their Provincial Societies.


The Constitution and Bylaw revisions have been prepared with input from the CCITP and provinces.  These changes have been endorsed by the CCITP to be brought before the membership for approval. Over the next several months CIPS will look to communicate with all members on what the proposed changes are and their impact.  Provincial Societies will be holding town hall meetings, regular articles will be included in CIPS Connections, and CIPS National will also be looking at holding virtual meetings that members can attend. A National referendum will be held this coming September with the results of the membership vote on this matter being announced at the 2011 AGM.


The proposed Constitution and By-Law changes have been posted on the National website at:


If you have any questions about the new CIPS governance model, please check the Governance: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. You can also contact any of the National Constitution Committee members: Ken Chapman, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP, Jon Nightingale I.S.P., ITCP, Richard Thompson, FCIPS, or Mary Jean Kucerak,CAE, by e-mail at:


FAQ includes:



CIPS Blog Posts: "CIPS Saskatchewan Update"

Brenda Byers, I.S.P., ITCP


cips sk logo

We discussed what an appropriate topic

Brenda Byers, I.S.P., ITCP

 could be for a CIPS Saskatchewan blog and somehow came to the conclusion 'CIPS Saskatchewan' itself may be a good one.  Some members are unaware that we now have a CIPS Saskatchewan Executive Director.  Our ED, Maria Galati has been instrumental in getting the quality and quantity of the CIPS Saskatchewan events to historical levels of professionalism and attendance.  We have had amazing speakers at our luncheons, and the Spring Seminar had world class keynotes such as Larry DeBoever and Mark Saltzman.  More speaker information and presentations can be found at 

Dean Hartley
Dean Hartley, I.S.P., ITCP
Another person who has pushed the current board to improve local governance is our current President and Chair of the Board, Dean Hartley, I.S.P., ITCP. Dean has been a great driver for documentation of the board position mandates and a clearer definition of the portfolios.

Through strategic planning sessions and many board meetings the board
 has newly drafted strengths and weakness lists, mission and values statements, and strategic and tactical goals for the future.  I would recommend at least one annual retreat for all provincial boards.  For the last 2 years ours has been in Craik, SK at the EcoCenter.  Since we have some board members from Regina and some from Saskatoon, Craik is a great half way point. 

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CIPS Volunteers and Members - share your blog posts by contacting us at 



NEW CIPS Member Benefit - The National Post

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Get Involved in Building the Guide to the Common Body of Knowledge for Computing and IT (CBOK)

cbok survey

Following the adoption of the CIPS Initial Body of Knowledge in 2005, CIPS has now embarked on a new project to define a more comprehensive document. 


Consultation with CIPS Member Community

Consensus by the profession on a common body of knowledge is a key milestone in all disciplines and has been identified by CIPS as crucial for the evolution of IT towards professional status. The current draft Guide, written under the auspices of the Common Body of Knowledge Committee, is part of a multi-year project designed to reach such a consensus.  Consultation on the draft Guide has now started through an outreach campaign involving the broader IT community.  This consultation will wrap up June 30th 2011, at which point the CBOK Committee will review the feedback and produce the final document.

CIPS Members have an opportunity to become actively involved in the development of the CBOK by completing an online survey. Click here for the survey

The survey lists each topic in the draft CBOK and it requires you to document your opinion about a) the importance of the topic to computing/IT professionals, and b) the validity of some of the references describing the topic. The survey should take about 45 minutes to complete.

There will be a prize draw from among the participants who choose to leave their name and email address at the end of the survey. The prizes are eight $50 Futureshop gift certificates to be drawn from among the first 500 survey respondents who leave their email address, or from those who respond by June 30, 2011 (whichever comes first).  


IT World Canada's "TECH LEARNING SPACE" Launches Online I.T. Management Programs that Earn CIPS Recertification Credits for I.S.P. & ITCP Holders



In early June Tech Learning Space will unveil a schedule of new ONLINE educational programs designed to upgrade the career-enhancing skills of today's busy IT professional. 


Beneficial to all, these courses contribute significant recertification credits for individuals holding either the I.S.P. or ITCP designations (as granted by CIPS).  Most programs utilize an innovative Hybrid-Online teaching design that is both "Self-Serve & Professor-Led", maximizing nu-skill retention while enabling the busy executive to learn during his/her personal schedule while staying active on-the-job.


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Reminder: You Can Pay Your CIPS Membership Dues Online

Dear CIPS Members,


This is a reminder that if you are unable to pay your membership dues by mail (i.e. in the event of a mail strike) or would like to pay online instead, you can do this using the CIPS Membership Directory.


To access the Membership Directory and to make a payment or to retrieve a receipt of your payments please follow these steps:



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If you do not remember you password, click "Reset my Password" and then enter the email address on our record:


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Refresh your browser and start all over.


IP3 Board Elects New Chair


IP3The Board of Directors of the International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3) elected as its new Chairman, Dr. Roger Johnson.  


Dr. Johnson has a longstanding and distinguished career in ICT and most recently retired as Dean of the Faculty at the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at Birkbeck College, University of London. In March 2010 he was made a Fellow of Birkbeck College. Dr. Johnson was Honorary Secretary of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) for 11 years to September 2010 and continues to represent IFIP on the IP3 Board. He is also a Past President of BCS (British Computer Society), and CEPIS (Council of European Informatics Societies). He  was a leading participant in creating of ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence), "inventor" of EUCIP (European Certification of Informatics Professionals), BCS representative to Engineering Council UK, co-organiser of an international conference on Global IT Skills, and participated in CEN/ISSS workshops on professional skills. 


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The Quest for Canada's Smartest IT 

Canada's Smartest IT


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SC Congress Canada 2011


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