UCSD Cross-Cultural Center  Week 6, May 2012
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NOW exhibiting in the CCC ArtSpace for May:


We Are Individuals,
Not Stereotypes
Reception: Wed. 5/9, 12-1:30pm 
Photo campaign by AS Diversity Affairs. For more info contact asdiversity @ucsd.edu.

Photos by AS Graphic Studio  

Transfer Admit Day
Saturday, May 12, 2012 
An open house with tours available to everyone and newly admitted transfer students. Light refreshments provided. For more info please contact Violeta Gonzales at violetag@ucsd.edu

Meet a Candidate for the Women's Center
Director position!

Monday, May 21, 2012

9:45-10:15am: LGBTRC
Open community & conversation

1:45-2:45pm: CCC Comunidad
Candidate presentation and Q&A 

Diversity Peer Educators

Modes of Transitioning Workshop
Wednesday | May 9
CCC Library| 5-6pm
Click here  for more info 

California DREAM Act Application Now Available

AB131 allows for AB540 students to be eligible for state funds as of January, 2013. Students may use this Dream App to apply for State University Grant funds for Spring 2013 enrollment. The priority filing date is May 10, 2012. The Dream App will also be used for Cal Grant fund beginning January 1, 2013, for 2013-14 funding.
Visit the website for more information. 



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The Cross-Cultural Center is committed to being accessible to all who frequent our space, participate in our programs, and attend our events. Our physical location is accessible to anyone who utilizes assisted mobility. If you require specific accommodations to fully access any of our programs or events, please contact Victor Betts vbetts@ucsd.edu or call 858.534.9689.

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Just Calm Down!bravespace   

By Edwina Welch  


In the past month I have noticed a steady increase in people snapping at each other, virulent Facebook posts, and just a general "snarky-ness." I have been chalking it up to a regular spring manifestation when so many changes are taking place- seniors graduating, friends leaving, campus events that bring up political and social debates. But maybe the mood is something more?. - Read more 

Spotlight Feature Disclaimer:
The Spotlight Feature is a space where we invite the entire community to reflect & provide thoughts on topics that we at the Cross-Cultural Center are currently thinking & talking about. The CCC strives for meaningful, productive dialogue and context with one another. Please provide your insights on our Tumblr site and follow us for future uploads! peace. love. JOY. always!


Empire's Proxy: American Literature & U.S. Imperialism in the Philippines       

Wednesday | May 9 | 2pmmegwesling 

CCC Library   


Drawing on a wealth of material, including historical records, governmental documents from the War Department and the Bureau of Insular Affairs, curriculum guides, memoirs of American teachers in the Philippines, and 19th century literature, Meg Wesling not only links empire with education, but also demonstrates that the rearticulation of American literary studies through the imperial occupation in the Philippines served to actually define and strengthen the field. Empire's Proxy boldly argues that the practical and ideological work of colonial dominance figured into the emergence of the field of American literature, and that the consolidation of a canon of American literature was intertwined with the administrative and intellectual tasks of colonial management. View the flyer 

"Werkin' It: Chubby Queers of Color"chubby
Thursday | May 10 | 5pm
CCC Comunidad

"Body image is a big part of mainstream media that often pathologizes and limits the experiences of Chubby, Fat and Big bodies. Let's move beyond these limiting ideals of 'Fat Acceptance' towards a rhetoric of self-love and appreciation of one's worth. Chubby Queers of Color are sexy and Fierce! Big bodies can handle, and WERQ it too!". View flyer

For more information please contact: Anthony Del Real apdelreal@gmail.com

Breather Series: Smoothie Nutrition Breakmilkshake
Friday | May 11 | 12-1:30pm
CCC ArtSpace

Take a lunch break and learn how to make nutritious smoothies.  We will provide fruits, yogurt, juices, ice, other good stuff, and blender stations to make delicious smoothies.  As always staff and faculty are more than welcome to attend.  For more information please contact Violeta Gonzales at violetag@ucsd.edu 

"Asian American Racial Realities in Black & White" w/ Prof. Bruce Hoskinshoskins
Friday | May 11 | 3pm
CCC Comuniad

What does it mean for an Asian American to be part white or part black? Bruce Hoskins probes the experience of biracial Asian Americans, revealing the ways that our discourse about multiracial identities too often reinforces racial hierarchies. Hoskins explores the everyday lives of people of Asian/white and Asian/black heritage to uncover the role of our society s white-black continuum in shaping racial identity. Mixing intimate personal stories with cutting-edge theoretical analysis, he directly confronts the notion that multiracial identity provides an easy solution for our society s racial stratification. View flyer. 

Findings on the Tomb of Genghis Khan w/ Dr. Albert Linalbertlin
Thursday | May 17 | 12-1:30pm
CCC Comunidad

A presentation on the current research of Professor Albert Lin and the use of non-invasive technology in the search for Genghis Khan's Tomb. For more info contact Nancy at nmagpusao@ucsd.edu. View event page 

Rainbow Graduation

Saturday | June 9 | 4-6pm 

The Great Hall at ERC 


Attention all graduating undergraduate and graduate students! Please join the UC San Diego LGBT community as we come together to honor the students who are graduating, our volunteers, our scholarship recipients and all who have impacted our community over the last year. The event serves as the formal induction of the graduates into the family of the UC San Diego LGBT Alumni.  If you are graduating, contact Shaun Travers at stravers@ucsd.edu so you are on the list!


The Black Mediterranean: Migration and Revolution in the Global Millennium by Alessandra di Maio
Thursday | May 10 | 4pm
Literature Bldg Rm 155
Question? Contact ndaly@ucsd.edu 

UCSD Powwow Looking for Volunteers. Please follow the link for the volunteer sign-ups.

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Black Male Student

Success in College Symposium

Thursday, May 17 - 12pm 

UCI Crystal Cove Auditorium


Black Male Symposium at UC Irvine w Shaun Harper, PhD
Thursday | May 17 | Starts 12pm
Register here 

"Everything We Should Do in a Program" Program
Thursday | May 10 | 5-7pm
LGBT Resource Center
Check out the
Facebook Event Page for more info!

1st national internship for DREAM Act student leaders across the country. Click here for more info!

Triton Parent Leader
Application deadline: May 3
The Office of Parent & Family Programs new leadership position 

Ethnic Studies 169
Origins of the Atlantic World: Early Conquest, Racial Slavery and Their Legacy Today
View Flyer 

Culturally Competent Management Program for UCSD Leaders
Go here for program info
How to enroll

Global Leadership Certificate Program Seminar
May 7 & May 15 - 3-4:30pm
International Center
For more info, visit the link below

CGS 102: Selected Topics in Critical Gender Studies: Gender, Sexuality, and Colonialism
Click here for more info 

Darcy & Robert Bingham Scholarship for UCSD employed students
Deadline: May 11, 2012
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Ethnic Studies 185
Discourse, Power and Inequality:
How Ideas, Images and Ideologies Shape our World
View Flyer 

Gaia Music & Art Festival
Thursday | May 24 | 5pm-12am
Old Student Center
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