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 eNewsletter 2.23.11

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Upcoming Events

TRC Spring 2011 Seminars

March 16: John Senders, Marsh Professor-at-Large 

March 25: Denver Nixon, University of Western Ontario, "Through the Windshield: Transportation Practices and Dis/embodied Landscapes" 

April 14: Joe Schofer, Northwestern University 

Check here for times and locations 


Bike? Walk? Meet up! 

A gathering of biking and walking groups 

Hosted by the Burlington Walk/Bike Council  

Featured speaker: Steve Miller, Livable Streets Alliance 

March 12, 1-5pm 

Billings North Lounge, UVM 

For more info click here 


Way to Go! Commuter Challenge 

Participants are encouraged to commute by an alternative mode of transportation for one week.
May 16-20

For more info and sign up click here 


Green Truck Summit

March 7-8, 2011

Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis

For more info click here 


National Summer Transportation Institute

Applications are now being accepted for NSTI 2011, a two-week summer institute for high school students held at UVM.

For more info click here 


News from the DOE



Clean Cities 2011 Vehicle Buyer's Guide Now Available

The guide includes information about vehicle specifications, fuel economy, price, and air pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission ratings. Compare similar vehicles to make an informed buying decision.  

2011 Vehicle Buyer's Guide 


DOE Releases New Analysis Showing Significant Advances in Electric Vehicle Deployment 

Report analyzes the feasibility of meeting President Obama's goal of putting one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

DOE article   


DOE Announces up to $5 Million to Support the Next Generation of Advanced Automotive Designers and Engineers

Funding will support Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Centers of Excellence.

DOE article

News from the state

$2.9 Million Awarded in Transportation Enhancement Grants

The majority of funding went to projects that involve creating or improving sidewalks and bike paths. 

Full story 


Vermont Looks to Restore Train Service to Montreal

Governor Shumlin says that the ultimate goal is to build high speed rail between the US and Canada.

Full story  


Vermont Bill Aims to Impose Idling Restriction

If approved, the bill would end the state's distinction as being the lone holdout in New England not to have idling restrictions for trucks. 

Full story 

Re-thinking Farm Fuels 

VT farmers growing crops to produce their own biodiesel.

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News from around the US 


LaHood: Public Transit is the Right Move 

"Even as these new transit lines increase our mobility...they also help reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions."

USDOT Secretary LaHood's blog entry    


California Air Resources Board Announces Grants for Hybrid Trucks and Buses

This will be the second year of the program, which received an award as the country's top emerging state efficiency program last year.

Full Story  

10 Best Cities for Public Transportation 

The American Public Transportation Association estimates that for every one dollar invested in public transportation, four dollars are generated in economic returns.

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Madison Council Approves Deal to Launch Bike Sharing Program  

Under the proposed deal, the city would provide $100,000 annually to support the operation.

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Texas Putting Bucks Behind Buses 

Dallas Area Rapid Transit is planning to spend $250 million on 452 buses powered by compressed natural gas.

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Separate Bikes-Only Lanes in Cities Cut Injury Rate: Study

Study points to cycle track success, popularity in Montreal and the Netherlands.

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News from around the world

New Report Finds Much Higher Transportation Emissions from Road than Rail in Ontario
The report confirms that smog could be reduced significantly by moving car commuters to rail and freight trucks to freight trains.

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China Plans to Make a Million Electric Vehicles a Year by 2015
People's Daily claims that new plans for the auto industry are about to be published and will make electric and hybrid electric vehicles a national priority.
Full story


Air China Plans Transpacific Biofuel Test Flight in 2011

Petro China will provide jatropha-based feedstock for the project

Full story

Toyota to Launch Home Electric Car Chargers in 2012

The company expects to sell 20,000 to 30,000 units in the first year, the Nikkei business daily reported.
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MIT Clean Energy Prize

The MIT Clean Energy Prize, open to all students at US universities, is an educational platform for innovation, entrepreneurship and new venture creation in the clean energy space. Co-sponsored by NSTAR and the US Department of Energy, the Clean Energy Prize's Grand Prize of $200,000 aims to catalyze a new generation of clean energy solutions. Judges also select 5 category winners, each winning $15,000. First round deliverables, including a 2-page executive summary and 12-slide presentation, are due on 2/25/11. For more info, click here 


National Park Transportation Scholars Program

The National Park Transportation Scholars Program gives transportation specialists a unique opportunity for career development and public service. The Scholars Program places transportation professionals, as well as master's and doctoral candidates in the fields of transportation, engineering, and planning, in National Parks across the country. Projects can involve transportation planning and analysis, coordination with local communities, environmental and traffic studies, and other transportation-related tasks. The National Park Foundation will provide selected Transportation Scholars with a stipend of $50,000 for 12 months or $25,000 for six months. Deadline to apply is 2/28/11. For more info, contact Melissa Paradis at or click here 


DOE Vehicles Technology Program

The Department of Energy's (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), on behalf of the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Vehicle Technologies (VT) Program, is issuing a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) titled "FY2011 Vehicle Technologies Program Wide Funding Opportunity Announcement." The mission of the VT program is to develop more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies for highway transportation vehicles (cars and trucks) that will meet or exceed performance expectations and environmental requirements, and enable America to use significantly less petroleum and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Applications are due 2/28/11. For more info, contact Jeffrey Kooser at or click here 


Environmental Engineering  

The National Science Foundation requests proposals for Environmental Engineering.The goal of this program is to encourage transformative research which applies scientific principles to minimize solid, liquid, and gaseous discharges into land, inland and coastal waters, and air that result from human activity, and to evaluate adverse impacts of these discharges on human health and environmental quality. Responses are due 3/3/11.For more info, contact Paul Bishop at or click here  


Pollution Prevention 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requests proposals for the Pollution Prevention Grant Program (P2). P2 supports projects that help businesses identify better environmental strategies and solutions for reducing or eliminating waste at the source. National focus areas include greenhouse gas reduction. $4.1 million expected to be available, up to 50 awards anticipated. Responses due 3/28/11.For more info contact Robert Guillemin at or click here  


Environmental Justice Small Grants Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requests proposals for the Environmental Justice Small Grants Program. This program supports projects that address local environmental and public health issues within an affected community; it is designed to help communities understand and address their exposure to multiple environmental harms and risks. $1.2 million expected to be available, up to 44 awards anticipated. Responses due 3/31/11. For more info, contact Amy Braz at or click here 


Great SmartWay Rebate Program

EPA New England has awarded over $1 million in Recovery Act/Clean Diesel funding to Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS) to provide rebates for installing SmartWay verified technology upgrades on diesel trucks titled in the six New England states. Rebate requests must be submitted by 5/31/11. For more info, call (866) 345-3390 ext 277 or click here  


GHG Offset Projects

The Climate Trust is seeking new, innovative and high-quality greenhouse gas (GHG) offset projects. Among the preferred projects are those that deal with transportation efficiency. There is no deadline for submitting project proposals but the first qualified proposals are the most likely to be funded. For more info, contact Peter Weisberg at (503) 238-1915 x207 or click here 


                              Gas at the Pump, VT         Crude Oil Futures  
Current                    $ 3.27/gallon                     $ 96.14/barrel
One Month Ago        $ 3.22/gallon                     $ 89.10/barrel
One Year Ago          $ 2.74/gallon                     $ 79.66/barrel
Sources: Fuel Gauge Report, NYMEX

Best Regards,
Tom McGrath
Coordinator, Vermont Clean Cities Coalition

Funding for the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition is provided by the US Department of Energy.