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reducing the consumption of petroleum for transportation in Vermont

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Upcoming Events

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October 6 - 4:00pm, Waterman 413
Anne Vernez Moudon
Burak Series Lecture
"Physical Activity and Travel: How Land Use and Transportation can Contribute to Better Health"

November 17 - 4:00pm, Dudley H. Davis Center, Livak Ballroom
Jennifer Dill, Portland State University

December 2 - 4:00pm, Farrell Hall
Transportation Expert Panel on Critical Issues in Transportation
More information GLOBAL WORK PARTY
Join hundreds of Burlingtonians at Battery Park who will roll up their sleeves and actually get to work on solutions to climate change. TRC's Tom McGrath will present an eco-driving workshop as part of the event.
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October 15, 2010; 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Church Street Marketplace, Burlington, VT
Come see and learn about an array of alt-fuel and advanced-technology vehicles.
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Contact us if you have a vehicle you would like to display

October 24-27, 2010
Sheraton Burlington Hotel and Conference Center
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News from the DOE

ARPA-E Director Majumdar visits
auto technology development

Currently about 75-80 percent of automobile fuel is wasted, meaning that only 20-25 percent of fuel is actually used for propulsion. This generator will use 60 percent for propulsion - that's as much as a 200% increase in efficiency. 
DOE article

USDA and DOE partnership seeks to develop better plants for bioenergy
The $8.9 million investment is part of the Obama Administration's broader effort to diversify the nation's energy portfolio and to accelerate the development of new energy technologies designed to decrease the nation's dependence on foreign oil.DOE article
DOE announces awards for up to $16.5 million for biomass research and development
U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the investment for two major research and development initiatives that will support the expansion of renewable transportation fuels production. DOE article
News from the state

Zipcars come to Green Mountain College in Poultney
Project aims to reduce the number of cars on campus
Rutland Herald story
Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund announces recipients of new biofuels grants
Over $333,000 awarded to fund seven projects

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Making our streets work for all
"building complete streets is one of the best things Vermont could do for the planet"
Burlington Free Press story
This I believe: "The joy we feel from bike riding will energize us to take care of our beautiful state"
"I ride for many reasons: It is good for the environment, it is much cheaper than a car, and it keeps me in good shape."

Burlington Free Press story
News from around the US

Share and share a bike
After using Montreal's Bicycle Taxi program, this pedal pusher is geared up for Boston's 2011 launch.
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UVA introduces carpool system
NuRide facilitates carpool program for community, offers incentives for using eco-friendly transportation.
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EPA develops grading system for new car stickers
The highest grade, A+, with fuel economy rated as equivalent to 117 miles per gallon and up, would be for "zero emission" electric cars.
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Lithium battery maker celebrates grand opening
Increased production should bring costs down for plug-in vehicles. Full story
DC Metro adds 48 diesel-electric hybrid buses to improve fleet reliability
The new buses will decrease Metro's diesel fuel consumption by 300,000 gallons a year and reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions by 90 percent. Full story
Idle Free Awareness month in Utah
The anti-idling program encourages Utahans to protect public health and improve air quality by reducing unnecessary vehicle emissions. Full story
News from around the world

Garbage-to-biofuel plant launched in Edmonton
100,000 tons of garbage per year will be taken out of the landfill and turned into 36 million liters of ethanol. Full story
London's new 8 million
clean, green bus

London's iconic Routemaster will soon be replaced by a sleek-looking, fuel-efficient hybrid-electric bus.
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Great SmartWay Rebate Program
EPA New England has awarded over $1 million in Recovery Act / Clean Diesel funding to Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS) to provide rebates for installing SmartWay verified technology upgrades on diesel trucks titled in the six New England states. Rebate requests must be submitted by May 31, 2011. For more info, call (866) 345-3390 ext 277 or click here.

Environmental Scientist Award
The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, National Institutes of Health, requests proposals for the Outstanding New Environmental Scientist Award.  This RFP will support early stage investigators committed to research in problems related to environmental exposures.  Examples of relevant toxicants include, but are not limited to: Industrial chemicals or manufacturing byproducts, pesticides, air pollutants and other inhaled particulates.  $3.6 million expected to be available, up to 6 awards anticipated. Final proposals due October 29, 2010.  For more info, contact Carol Shreffler at or click here.


                          Gas at the Pump, VT               Crude Oil Futures

Current                    $ 2.68/gallon                     $ 76.69/barrel
One Month Ago        $ 2.72/gallon                     $ 72.30/barrel
One Year Ago          $ 2.58/gallon                     $ 66.53/barrel
Sources: Fuel Gauge Report, NYMEX

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Karen Glitman
Coordinator, Vermont Clean Cities Coalition

Funding for the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition is provided by the US Department of Energy.