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 eNewsletter 9.30.09
Your clearinghouse for news, programs, and funding related to reducing the consumption of petroleum for transportation in Vermont
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"Get on the Green Bus!"
by David Kestenbaum

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Upcoming Event
  • Alt Wheels - October 5 - Staples World Headquarters in Framingham, MA. A one day symposium that includes over 30 leading experts, interactive workshops, and display of over 40 alternative vehicles. Breakfast and lunch served.   Afternoon test-drives available.
  • TRC Fall Seminars:
    • October 14 - 1:30 to 2:30 pm -  "Transportation and quality of life in rural areas" - Dr. Jane Kolodinsky, UVM
    • October 21 - 1:00 to 2:30 pm
      "The relationship of housing and community development to transportation"
      Sue Minter, VT Legislator
    • November 5 - 12:00 to 1:00 pm
      "Community and transportation: an analysis of the role of round-a-bouts"
      Dr. Per Garder, University of Maine

  • Vermont Renewable Energy Conference & Expo - Wednesday, Oct. 28th & Thursday, Oct. 29th, 2009. Sheraton Burlington Hotel and Conference Center, Burlington, Vermont
News from the DOE

State Assessment for Biomass resource: This comprehensive tool provides detailed information on biomass resources and utilization throughout the United States.
News from the state
Companies Pay Staff To Bike To Work
Thanks to legislation included in the 2008 federal stimulus bill, companies can now give their employees a $20/month pre-tax benefit ($240 per year) for bicycling to work. City Market is the first Vermont company we know to be giving this benefit to staff. Read the article on the Local Motion website.
News from around the world
"Cash for Clunkers" resulted in cleaner cars on the road
University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute study

Violation of Idling regulation results in $650,000 fine.
Boston-based Paul Revere Transportation LLC has agreed to pay a $650,000 civil penalty for violating Federal and State clean air laws.  In 2006, an EPA inspector observed buses idling at the yard for extended periods. As a result, the United States filed a complaint against the company in federal court for violations of the Massachusetts anti-idling regulation, a requirement under the Commonwealth's Clean Air Act State Implementation Plan. Read more.

Livable Streets Education
As part of a school project, students tallied average person-per-vehicle occupancy, measured carbon dioxide emissions from idling vehicles, measured airborne particulates, and kept a climate change journal. Read more.

GasBest Regards,
Karen Glitman, Director, Vermont Clean Cities Coalition

Funding for the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition is provided by the US Department of Energy and the Vermont Department of Public Service.

Greening High Schools - The Student Conservation Association requests proposals for the Green Your School Contest.  This is a national competition that awards projects that have, or will, improve the environmental health of the school.  $10K available, 3 awards anticipated. Responses due 10/9/09.   More information.

The Environmental Sustainability Program supports engineering research with the goal of promoting sustainable engineered systems that support human well-being and that are also compatible with sustaining natural (environmental) systems.  These systems provide ecological services vital for human survival.  The long-term viability of natural capital is critical for many areas of human endeavor.  Research in Environmental Sustainability typically considers long time horizons and may incorporate contributions from the social sciences and ethics. National Science Foundation. More information.


                          Gas at the Pump, VT               Crude Oil Futures

Current                       $2.58/gallon                    $ 66.53/barrel
One Month Ago         $ 2.65/gallon                    $  71.42/barrel
One Year Ago           $ 3.57/gallon                     $ 85.56/barrel
Sources: Fuel Gauge Report, NYMEX