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 eNewsletter 8.27.09
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Vermont Clean Cities News
The 2009 Vermont Transportation Energy Report has just been released!

Excerpt from the report's conclusion: "Transportation represents the largest source of Vermont's greenhouse gas emissions (57 percent) and is the largest user of energy by sector (33 percent). Understanding Vermont's transportation energy use is critical to tackling the challenges presented by global climate change, dependence on foreign oil, future energy demands, public health and the implications for accessibility and mobility."
Upcoming Events
  • 2009 Summer Brown Bag Series
    Fridays at 12 noon, Farrell Hall, Trinity Campus
    3rd Annual lunchtime discussion series, addressing critical issues in transportation.
    Last discussion of the season: 8/28 - Transportation and Equity: Obstacles for Women in Transportation  Cassandra Gekas, Community Development and Applied Economics

  • 10/5/09 Alt Wheels - Staples World Headquarters in Framingham, MA
    A one day symposium that includes over 30 leading experts, interactive workshops, and display of over 40 alternative vehicles. Breakfast and lunch served.   Afternoon test-drives available. $40 discounted registration rate for members of Co-host organizations available through August 10.  $65 after August 10. 
News from the DOE

Grants Announced for Advanced Battery and Electric Drive Component Manufacturing - President Barack Obama has announced 48 grants totaling $2.4 billion to create next-generation electric cars and recreational vehicles. Read more.
News from the state
Pedal Power Bike Taxi becomes fixture in Burlington -
Along with traditional cabs, you'll find green ones, ones that let you set your own fare, and ones that look something like this: Bicycle in the front, seats in the back, and all the fresh air you could ever want. Watch the video on NECN.

Towns sidewalk projects gaining ground - The town of Williston will soon construct a recreation path along Mountain View Road, a major milestone in stop-and-go efforts to build bike and pedestrian byways with bond funding approved five years ago. Read the whole story (Williston Observer).

Bus route depends on grant approval - Plans to re-establish a bus route between Rutland and White River Junction hinge on a $708,000 state grant. Read more (Rutland Herald).
News from around the world
What would get Americans biking to work? -
When we talk about transportation, we tend to talk about things in motion. What is often left unremarked upon, in conversations about crowded highways, is something without which those crowds would not exist: parking. Read the opinion piece on

Moving cooler - "An Analysis of Transportation Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions" was commissioned by a diverse group of stakeholders representing transportation experts, industry, federal agencies, and environmental organizations and other NGOs. More information.

Innovation Briefs Vol. 20, No 15 - "A Tendentious Report Has the Transportation Community Up in Arms". Article details the reasoning behind AASHTO's, one of the original sponsors of the Moving Cooler report, withdrawal of support. Read the article.

GasBest Regards,
Karen Glitman, Director, Vermont Clean Cities Coalition

Funding for the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition is provided by the US Department of Energy and the Vermont Department of Public Service.

Efficient Trucks and Light Duty Vehicles - Recovery Act - The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Systems Level Technology Development, Integration, and Demonstration for Efficient Class 8 Trucks and Advanced Technology Powertrains for Light-Duty Vehicles.   Through this RFP, DOE seeks the development and demonstration of a 50% improvement in overall freight efficiency on a heavy-duty Class 8 tractor-trailer measured in ton-miles per gallon, and to accelerate the development of cost-competitive engine and powertrain systems for light-duty vehicles capable of attaining breakthrough thermal efficiencies while meeting future emissions standards.  $240 million expected to be available, up to 11 awards anticipated.  Responses due 9/9/09.  More information  Refer to Sol# DE-FOA-0000079.

Greening High Schools - The Student Conservation Association requests proposals for the Green Your School Contest.  This is a national competition that awards projects that have, or will, improve the environmental health of the school.  $10K available, 3 awards anticipated. Responses due 10/9/09.  More information   (Foundation Center RFP Bulletin 5/29/09)

The Environmental Sustainability program supports engineering research with the goal of promoting sustainable engineered systems that support human well-being and that are also compatible with sustaining natural (environmental) systems.  These systems provide ecological services vital for human survival.  The long-term viability of natural capital is critical for many areas of human endeavor.  Research in Environmental Sustainability typically considers long time horizons and may incorporate contributions from the social sciences and ethics. National Science Foundation. More information


                          Gas at the Pump, VT               Crude Oil Futures

Current                     $ 2.65/gallon                     $  71.42/barrel
One Month Ago        $ 2.55/gallon                     $  68.05/barrel
One Year Ago           $ 3.80/gallon                     $ 115.75/barrel
Sources: Fuel Gauge Report, NYMEX