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 eNewsletter 7.28.09
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Upcoming Event
  • 2009 Summer Brown Bag Series
    Fridays at 12 noon, Farrell Hall, Trinity Campus
    3rd Annual lunchtime discussion series, addressing critical issues in transportation.

    7/31 - Transportation Efficiency: Does Least Cost Planning Work? Jim Sullivan, Transportation Research Center   
    8/7  -  Driving Better: A Study of Changing Driver Behavior to Reduce Gasoline Use  Michael Schwob, Statistics
    8/14 - PHEVS: Why the US Cannot Meet Pres. Obama Goal of 1 Million by 2015  Jon Dowds, Rubenstein School of Natural Resources and the Environment
    8/21 - Physical Health and the Built Environment: Do Sidewalks Matter? Ruth Willis, Nursing
    8/28 - Transportation and Equity: Obstacles for Women in Transportation  Cassandra Gekas, Community Development and Applied Economics
    9/4 - Green Labeling in Transportation: Fashion or Function Cristina Rose Mastrangelo, Community Development and Applied Economics
    9/11 - Consumer vehicle choices: Does Green Matter? Michael Pellon, Computer Science.
    9/18 - The Burlington Bike Path: Who is Riding it and Where are They Going?  Chen Zhang and Lance Jennings, Transportation Research Center

  • 8/18/09 Greening Your Fleet: A Proven Approach to Buying AFVs for Your Fleet  (Online event)
    Choosing the right alternative fuel vehicles for your fleet is critical. You need vehicles that will meet your fleet's payload requirements, are as economical as possible to operate and are viable alternatives for both today and the future. How do you make the right choices? AFVi has your proven approach. Join us for this 90-minute web workshop that will include: - Your Current and Near-Term Vehicle Inventory and How it Affects AFV Choices - Vehicle Applications & Operating Characteristics

  • 10/5/09 Alt Wheels - Staples World Headquarters in Framingham, MA
    This is a don't miss event for corporate fleet managers, small business executives, municipal fleet and facilities managers, government officials, and individuals wanting to understand the latest in alternative transportation technologies, costs, best practices, funding, and fuel options. Join over 350 attendees for a one day symposium that includes over 30 leading experts, interactive workshops, and display of over 40 alternative vehicles. Breakfast and lunch served.   Afternoon test-drives available. $40 discounted registration rate for members of Co-host organizations available through August 10.  $65 after August 10. 

  • 5/9/10-5/12/10 Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference + Expo 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada
    Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi) presents the 16th annual Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference + Expo (AF&V 2010). As the largest conference and tradeshow of its kind, AF&V 2010 showcases natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel, propane, electricity, and hydrogen, and their vehicles. The Conference embraces advanced technologies that result in fuel efficiency, petroleum displacement and emissions improvements. Included are hybrid-electric and plug-in hybrid technologies; blends, including hydrogen; fuel cells and idle-reduction devices. All of these are featured as part of this diverse program, as well in the Expo Hall and the Ride-n-Drive.
At this time, the TRC is anticipating filling the following positions:

Post-Doctoral Policy Research Fellow
News from the DOE

Green Patrol Aims to Reduce Idling at Schools
From the mouths of children comes the clean air message in San Antonio. A creative new program crafted by the Alamo Area Clean Cities (AACC) coalition gives kids a chance to make a difference by joining the Green Patrol and encouraging their parents to reduce idling near schools.
"Idling is big here because so many parents wait in their air-conditioned cars," says Andrew Hudgins, former AACC coordinator. "Getting them to consider the effects of their actions and changing habits was a big project."

The coalition approached one area elementary school with a proposal addressed to both school officials and the parent-teacher organization. "We provided a letter to be sent home from the principal, as well as a fact sheet about the dangers of unnecessary idling on children's health," Hudgins says. Along with the letter was a pledge card for parents to sign agreeing to reduce idling on school property. Parents who sign and return the pledge card receive a small "Clean Air Driver" magnet for their car. Students on the safety patrol and student council made signs in both English and Spanish to remind drivers of their pledge.

The emphasis on children's health paid off. "Parents have been very supportive. Many now park their vehicles and come to greet their children at the door," Hudgins says. "Their actions, along with the district-wide transportation policy forbidding idling of school buses, will go a long way to protecting their children's health and safety."
The success of the campaign is infectious and has already spread to two more elementary schools and one middle school in the area.
News from around the world
Senate Eyes Public Transit as Climate Change Solution
Federal strategies for tackling climate change are doomed to fail without concerted efforts to keep Americans out of their cars - efforts that will necessarily include a greater emphasis on public transit, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told Senate lawmakers Tuesday. Read more.

Exxon Mobil Plans to Grow Algae for Biofuel
Algae grown from pond scum produce an oil that can be extracted and processed into biodiesel. Oil producer Exxon Mobil has announced plans to fund research for growing algae to produce biofuel. The $600 million investment is projected to take from five to 10 years to produce commercial quantities of fuel. According to Exxon Mobil, algae could yield 2,000 gallons of fuel per acre of production each year, compared with 650 gallons for palm trees and 450 gallons for sugar cane. Corn yields just 250 gallons per acre a year. Other oil companies including Chevron and Shell are exploring the growth of algae for biofuels. For more information, check on the Exxon Mobil link.

GasBest Regards,
Karen Glitman, Director, Vermont Clean Cities Coalition

Funding for the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition is provided by the US Department of Energy and the Vermont Department of Public Service.

Energy Training Partnership Grants - Recovery Act
The U.S. Department of Labor requests proposals for Energy Training Partnership Grants.  This program will support training and placement services in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries, green occupations within other industries, individuals in need of updated training related to the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries, and unemployed workers.  $100 million expected to be available, up to 30 awards anticipated.  Responses due 9/4/09.  Refer to Sol# SGA-DFA-PY-08-18.
State & Territorial Energy Assurance Plans - Recovery Act
The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Enhancing State Government Energy Assurance Capabilities and Planning for Smart Grid Resiliency Initiative.  This program will support State and Territorial Energy Office development of new, or refining existing, plans to integrate new energy portfolios and new applications, such as Smart Grid technology, into energy assurance and emergency preparedness plans.  $39.5 million expected to be available, 56 awards anticipated.  Response due 7/30/09. Refer to Sol# DE-FOA-0000091.

Local Energy Assurance Plans - Recovery Act
The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for the Local Energy Assurance Planning (LEAP) Initiative.  This initiative, which is restricted to U.S. cities, focuses on developing new, or refining existing, plans to integrate new energy portfolios (renewables, biofuels, etc) and new applications, such as Smart Grid technology into energy assurance and emergency preparedness plans.  $10.5 million expected to be available, 50 awards anticipated.  Responses due 10/8/09. Refer to Sol# DE-FOA-0000098.

Rural Community Development Initiative
The U.S. Department of Agriculture requests proposals for the Rural Community Development Initiative.  This program supports intermediary organizations to develop their capacity to undertake housing, community facilities, and community and economic development projects in rural areas.  $6.256 million expected to be available, individual awards NTE $300K.  Responses due 9/24/09.  Refer to Sol# USDA-RD-HCFP-RCDI-2009.    

Economic Development Assistance
The Economic Development Administration requests proposals for Economic Development Assistance Programs that promote innovation and competitiveness, and prepare American regions for growth and success in the worldwide economy.  These programs include:  1)  Public Works - Supports the construction or rehabilitation of essential public infrastructure and facilities, 2)  Planning - Supports the development, implementation, revision or replacement of comprehensive economic development strategies, and for related short-term planning investments, 3)  Local Technical Assistance - Supports filling knowledge and information gaps that may prevent leaders in economically distressed regions from making optimal decisions on local economic development issues, and 4)  Economic Adjustment Assistance Program - Supports a range of technical, planning and infrastructure assistance in regions experiencing adverse economic changes.  $240 million expected to be available, proposals accepted on a ongoing basis.  Refer to Sol# EDA06222009EDAP.

Algal/Advanced Biofuels Consortia - Recovery Act
The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Development of Algal/Advanced Biofuels Consortia.  This program will support the establishment of Consortia for two primary areas:  1)  Development of Algae Based Biofuels, and 2)  Development of Advanced Cellulosic Biofuels.  $85 million expected to be available, up to 3 awards anticipated.  Refer to Sol# DE-FOA-0000123.

Energy Efficient Transportation Systems - New York
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the New York State Department of Transportation request proposals for Energy Efficient Transportation Systems.  The goal of this RFP is to develop and/or demonstrate strategies and/or enabling commercial technologies that have the potential of incrementally improving the energy efficiency of the existing multi-modal transportation system in NY.  The intent of this solicitation is to geographically cluster funded-projects into eligible transportation corridors where they can build on each other, exploit potential synergies, and provide a "showcase" of innovative transportation technologies.  $1.5 million expected to be available.  Responses due 9/17/09.  Refer to PON# 1445. 


                          Gas at the Pump, VT               Crude Oil Futures

Current                     $ 2.55/gallon                     $ 68.05/barrel
One Month Ago        $ 2.65/gallon                     $ 71.10/barrel
One Year Ago           $ 4.05/gallon                     $ 126.44/barrel
Sources: Fuel Gauge Report, NYMEX