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Connect With Success
Crate & Barrel - Streets of Southpoint
2011 Leaders of the Pack "Best in Show" Winner!

Durham, North Carolina, USA    


Durham, NC - Crate & BarrelCrate & Barrel's "Streets of Southpoint" retail store is a 25,000 square foot facility in Durham, North Carolina. The store opened in the spring of 2011 and is a LEED Gold project. Since Crate & Barrel's retail mission is to satisfy the 3 "P's" - People, Product, and Presentation, they chose a 1-story building with 10 varying ceiling heights and an abundance of natural light. The varying ceiling heights allow them to suspend over a mile of track lighting - over 1000 lights - all for the purpose of showcasing their products perfectly to customers.

There were 3 unique challenges associated with installing a control system in the Streets of Southpoint store...  


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BACnet Manufacturers: Carrier, Veris

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Board of Directors Nominations Now Open
Nominations Due Friday, November 18, 2011 

BACnet International is accepting nominations for positions on the Board of Directors.  Please complete the application
here if you or someone you know is interested in leadership on the BACnet International Board of Directors. 

Connect With Excellence


Congratulations to 2011 Winners:
  • Alpha Dog - Carl Neilson, Delta Controls
  • St. Bernard - Michael R Wilson, OEMCtrl
  • German Shepherd - Joel Bender, Cornell University
  • German Shepherd - Steve Karg, WattStopper
  • Labrador - Grant Wichenko, Appin Associates
  • Rottweiler - Brad Hill, Honeywell
  • Jack Russell - Ben Dorsey, KMC Controls
  • Howler - Ken Sinclair, Automated Buildings
  • Fox Hound - Jack Lee, Airtek
  • Best in Show - Crate & Barrel project submitted by Carrier 
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Connect With BACnet Community News

News/Product Release


Click here for more information on Carrier

Multi-purpose BACnet Controller Now Available!

 The MPC Open XP controller provides multi-purpose monitoring and control for a variety of HVAC system applications. Flexible and versatile, the MPC Open XP controller supports multiple I/O configurations for accomplishing both common and custom HVAC control strategies. The MPC Open XP controller connects to up to 20 field points directly (8 outputs and 12 inputs), while also supporting up to 3 MPC Open XPIO expanders. Each MPC Open XPIO48 expander adds support for up to 12 additional field points (4 outputs, 8 inputs), while each MPC Open XPIO816 expander controller adds support for up to 24 additional field points (8 outputs, 16 inputs). When combined, the MPC Open XP controller and its associated expanders can support up to 92 total points.


The MPC Open XP controller features native BACnet® communications and plug-and-play connectivity to the Carrier i-Vu® Open Control System. The Carrier i-Vu Open

Control System combines state-of-the-art Carrier equipment, plug-and-play controllers, and the powerful, web-based i-Vu user interface. Together, they form a cohesive, intuitive, and fully-integrated BACnet Building Automation System.  

Connect With Education

Facility Decisions 2011 Presentations Now Available

Titles Include:
  • When Interoperability Isn't
  • LEED Credits & Controls
  • Open System Specification Interpretation
  • BACnet Lighting Integration 101: An Intro to Advanced Lighting Controls
  • BACnet Operator Workstations: Advanced or Not So Much?
  • BACnet for Equipment Suppliers
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Connect With Events

Grid-Interop - Where the Smart Grid Rubber Meets the Road to Interoperability

Interoperability - the Smart Grid relies on it. Cyber security, technology compatibility, a dizzying array of systems, applications, and devices - they all need consensus-based interoperability standards to make them work together. Now in it's fifth year Grid-Interop is the only venue that brings together the true cross-section of industry stakeholders necessary to ensure the rapid development and implementation of these Smart Grid interoperability standards. In 2011, our focus is on progress to date - with a real emphasis on demonstrating successful implementations of interoperability.

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Connect With BACnet International Volunteers

Carl Neilson

Project Manager, Delta Controls
BACnet International Steering Committee
BTL Working Group
2011 Leader of the Pack Award Winner!

Why do you volunteer with BACnet International?

I participate in the BTL-WG to help shape the testing and listing process with the aim to make it a comfortable experience for all product manufacturers.

Connect With Opportunity

BACnet International Success Stories


BACnet International Success Stories is a free resource that provides a place to promote your successful projects that use BACnet in order to further knowledge and understanding of the BACnet protocol - essentially, mini case studies. Posters utilize a web form to upload the content, (narratives, photos, etc...) which is then reviewed by editors from BACnet International (primarily for errors) prior to public posting.
Once the BACnet Success Story is posted, it becomes a permanent, linkable record of the successful project.
Further, Success Stories:
  • Are automatically eligible for additional public recognition via BACnet International's Leader of the Pack Awards 
  • Are promoted by BACnet International via social media
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  • Are featured in Cornerstones - BACnet International's monthly eNewsletter that goes out to 15,000+ members / subscribers
  • Are candidates for articles in the BACnet International Journal - BACnet International's printed / digital periodical

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