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Deadline Extended! 

Call for Presentations:
Facility Decisions 2011   


We're looking for standouts in the industry to participate in the BACnet International education track at Facility Decisions 2011. If you have a presentation (or an idea for a presentation!) in which you can share your BACnet expertise with the facility managers from across settings- commercial, government, medical, industrial and educational buildings. Help create quality content to educate about the latest trends and emerging best practices.


If you are interested in being a presenter, please e-mail by close of business on April 13, 2011 with your session title and summary/learning objectives.


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BACnet International Success Stories


BACnet International Success Stories is a free resource that provides a place to promote your successful projects that use BACnet in order to further knowledge and understanding of the BACnet protocol - essentially, mini case studies. Posters utilize a web form to upload the content, (narratives, photos, etc...) which is then reviewed by editors from BACnet International (primarily for errors) prior to public posting.


Once the BACnet Success Story is posted, it becomes a permanent, linkable record of the successful project.

Further, Success Stories:

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Submit your company's BACnet Success Story and take advantage of the free press!

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Connect With Success 
Intel IDC 9
Haifa, Israel

Haifa - Intel Computer hardware giant, Intel Corporation, has received LEED Gold certification for its latest design/data center - IDC 9 - that opened in Haifa, Israel on June 15th. The all-new facility boasts the most advanced engineering infrastructure and is Intel's first LEED-certified green facility, as well as the first building in Israel to receive LEED Gold certification. The 259,000 square foot facility is noted for housing a 6500 square foot high performance data center.


Click here to read more about this story.
Connect Through Education - BACnet International @ NFMT
Click here to view/download sessions presented by BACnet International at NFMT 2011.


Connect With BACnet Community News
News/Product Releases

American Auto Matrix 



American Auto-Matrix is again revolutionizing the HVAC industry with the release of SmartOneTM Controls. These Application Specific Controls are BTL listed and provide users with the openness and power of BACnet through a distribution channel.


The SmartOne line of Controllers are robust, hi-speed application specific controllers available in Rooftop, Heatpump, Fancoil, and VAV variants through distributors listed on No longer is it necessary to be tied to a manufacturer in order to purchase BTL listed BACnet controls.


Programming is accomplished through serial or IP communication and the downloadable SmartOne Commissioning Wizard. This free application will take the guesswork out of programming by guiding you through a series of intuitive steps that commission the controller.


For more information and to learn about product availability, visit


With Control like this... You can be the SmartOne.


Native BACnet Controllers Now Available for the Full Line of Carrier Equipment


The i-Vu Open Control System now features native BACnet controllers for the full line of Carrier equipment, including VVT zoning, VAV zoning, large rooftops, air handler units, air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, fan coils, unit ventilators, and water source heat pumps. Controllers are available in both factory and field-installed versions.    

The i-Vu Open Control System combines state-of-the-art Carrier equipment, plug-and-play controllers, and the powerful, web-based i-Vu user interface to form a cohesive, intuitive, and fully integrated BACnet Building Automation System.

For more information on the i-Vu Open Control System, please contact your local Carrier office.


 Contemporary Controls

Diagnostic Switch Used at the BACnet Plugfest


At the last BACnet PlugFest, Ethernet hubs were replaced with Contemporary Controls Diagnostic Switches in order to monitor BACnet traffic generated by the participants. In the past, Ethernet hubs were used at plugfests thereby allowing software developers to use their network sniffing tools to analyze BACnet messages sent over Ethernet. Unlike Ethernet switches, Ethernet hubs allow a protocol analyzer attached to anywhere on the Ethernet network to observe all Ethernet traffic. However, Ethernet switches are hard to come by plus they force all equipment to operate at the same data rate. Is there a way to use Ethernet switches instead?


For those who follow our writings on the Industrial Ethernet University, you know we promote Ethernet switches as the best way to expand Ethernet networks. Although Ethernet hubs can be used, Ethernet switches do much more. Switches can operate at multiple data rates, operate at either half- or full-duplex, and can automatically set speed and duplex using the auto-negotiation protocol. Switches improve throughput by restricting directed message traffic to only those ports on the switch that are party to the communication. All other ports not involved with the communication will not see the message. This feature is accomplished through a learning process where the switch records in its database the port location of all initiating station addresses. Once port-address locations are learned, communication is streamlined to just two ports on the switch for a particular directed message.


This is a wonderful feature except in one situation - you are at a PlugFest and you are doing protocol diagnostics with tools such as Wireshark. In that situation, hubs have a particular feature that is important for network diagnostics, making a hub a better option than a switch.


Because Ethernet hubs operate at one speed and only at half-duplex in what is called Shared Ethernet, they do not understand the concept of station addresses. With Shared Ethernet, all hub ports will repeat the same message received on one of its ports. That means a diagnostic tool connected to any unused hub port can view all the traffic sent over the network. A switch will restrict port traffic and cause a diagnostic tool to fail to see messages except for broadcast messages. Although it is possible to use port mirroring on the switch, this feature is usually only found on higher-end switches and there is no guarantee that it can capture all data.


Contemporary Controls' solution is the EISK5-100T/H Skorpion Diagnostic Switch. Although it has identical features to its cousin the EISK5-100T Skorpion 5-port switch it is missing one key feature - it does not learn. If a switch does not learn, it does not know the destination port of a directed message so it floods all ports with the message as if it was a broadcast message. This allows the diagnostic tool to be connected to any unused port. If more than five ports are needed, Diagnostic Switches can be cascaded with no loss of data.


The Diagnostic Switch is even better than a hub because the other features of switches are preserved - ability of all connected stations to operate at different speeds and duplex. Visit the 5-port Skorpion Diagnostic Switch product page at to learn more.




Veris Industries Releases Industry's First Native BACnet MS/TP Power and Energy Meter


Veris Industries, a leader in innovative power monitoring and environmental sensing solutions, announces the release of its E50H5 Power & Energy Meter. The meter is an addition to the popular E50 family, and has been designed to meet the needs of the commercial building industry. In addition to the standard rich feature set of the E50 series, the E50H5 communicates natively over BACnet MS/TP at a data rate up to 115.2 kbaud, and offers two pulse inputs for sensors monitoring additional forms of energy.


"The E50H5 was designed for the building automation market," stated Gary Richmond, Veris' Energy and Industrial Product Manager. "Energy conservation is a primary focus in most sectors, and the building market is no exception. The E50H5 integrates energy use and consumption data into the BAS system through the industry's preferred BACnet protocol, making it easy to gain visibility of power use."


Native BACnet MS/TP Communication

The E50H5 easily connects to a BACnet control system with its embedded BACnet MS/TP protocol. The ability to network the E50H5 over an already established MS/TP trunk eliminates the need for additional wiring and network drops, significantly decreasing installed costs. The integrated functionality of the meter furthers cost savings by allowing multiple devices to be daisy-chained over BACnet MS/TP.


Ultimate Versatility

The energy meter fits a wide array of applications with its flexible mounting options of panel, DIN rail, or wall with optional enclosure, as well as covering 90-600 VAC and 5-32,000Amps. The E50H5 features two pulse contact accumulators for water, gas, or steam flow sensor integration, 9600 baud to 115.2 kbaud serial communication, data logging, and built-in display.

Press Contact:

Vicki Pack

Veris Industries 


Connect Through Events - Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou

Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou 

(Running concurrently with the
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition)

Guanzhou, China, 9-12 June, 2011

2010: 71,801 visitors / 117 countries 


BACnet as enabler for open building automation opens new opportunities in the growing Chinese market. For this reason we offer you a joint BACnet booth to share not only with members of the Chinese BACnet community, but also with active members of the global BACnet community. The success of the two last Chinese BACnet Forums which took place in Beijing in 2010 and last October in Shanghai (see confirms the vital interest of the Chinese market.

  • Rental of exhibition area, booth construction, exhibitor's fee (the company-related catalogue entry is not included in the exhibitor fee, and will be charged separately).
  • Panels including graphic design according to your specifications in the common graphic framework. The panels are suitable for mounting your equipment and devices.
  • Lockable sideboard for storage of brochures; space on the sideboard for laptops, etc.
  • Central BIG-CN Information desk
  • Neutral Chinese booth personnel at information counters, brochure display rack
  • Booth cleaning
  • 2 exhibitor passes (additional exhibitor passes available)  

Exibition fee

The exhibition fee is € 3,800 (VAT will be added).



The sites at the booth will be allocated in the order of applications, according to the date on the fax.


Deadline for applications

The deadline for bookings is 26 April, 2011.


If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact 

Connect Through Events - NFMT 2011 

2011 NFMT Conference & Exposition Breaks Attendance Record

Event draws 5,118 commercial and institutional facility managers from around the country
to Baltimore

NFMT Conference & Expo management today announced a record-breaking audience during its three-day run in Baltimore, March 15-17. Attendance grew to 5,118 commercial and institutional facilities professionals. This was the largest number of non-exhibitor attendees on record since the event launched in 2001.

With nearly 450 trade show exhibitors and more than 120 educational sessions, NFMT is the country's largest and most robust event dedicated to professionals responsible for the management, operations, maintenance, design and construction of commercial and institutional buildings. Conference sessions focused on sustainability, energy conservation, leadership, staff development, strategy, technology, security issues and more.

Exhibitors expressed enthusiasm about the large crowd in the exhibit hall. "Always a good show," said Ross Powell, Senior Sales Executive for TMA Systems. "This show pays for itself in the first two hours."

Ed O'Brien, Partner of SolarDock agreed, "At times, visitors were lined up three- and four-deep ... We made many valuable connections, thanks to your group.  And we fully expect new business as a result."

Highlights from NFMT 2011 included:
  • Sponsoring partner organization, the Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments, hosted Michelle Moore, the Obama Administration's Federal Environmental Executive, as a keynote speaker. Moore's presentation, "Embracing Federal Sustainability Programs," addressed how facilities, both public and private, can make their buildings more sustainable while reducing costs.
  • Winning projects for Building Operating Management's  FMXcellence Awards were announced and spotlighted at the annual panel discussion and special general session. Winners include: Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools; Hays Consolidated Independent School District; Department of Central Services, State of Oklahoma; PNC Financial Services Group Inc. and Western Michigan University.
  • The annual Solutions Exchange speed-learning event was packed with facilities management professionals who participated at their choice of three different hosted, 20-minute table discussions focusing on more than 20 topics.
  • Exclusive post-conference workshop featuring two leading experts on the Americans with Disabilities Act, Joan W. Stein, president and CEO of Accessibility Development Associates Inc. and William R. Botten, accessibility specialist for the office of technical and information services, U.S. Access Board, the federal agency committed to accessible design.

"Our record-breaking attendance and the subsequent demand for 2012 exhibit space demonstrate continued market confidence in this event," said NFMT president and co-owner Bob Wisniewski. "NFMT is widely recognized by attendees and exhibitors as the number one event connecting buyers and sellers in the non-residential facilities management industry," he said.

NFMT 2012 will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center, March 13-15. New next year, NFMT and the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) are uniting to launch the Power Source Pavilion along with a special educational track. The Power Source Pavilion and educational sessions will provide facility professionals with exclusive access to on-site power solutions and key power strategies including peak shaving, cogeneration, uninterruptible power supply, and alternative power sources such as wind, solar, and fuel cells.

Contact: Cory Ampe
Manager, Public Relations
Tel: 414-228-7701 Ext. 448
Connect With BACnet International Volunteers   

George Thomas

Contemporary Controls 

BACnet International Education Committee 


George Thomas is president of Contemporary Controls with headquarters in Downers Grove, Illinois.The company designs and manufactures networking products used in various automation industries and has been an OEM supplier to major BAS companies for the last 25 years.  The company has three subsidiaries in Suzhou, PRC, Leipzig, Germany and Coventry, United Kingdom.  Manufacturing is accomplished in both China and the USA.  George Thomas received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from the Illinois Institute of Technology.


According to Mr. Thomas, "by serving on the BACnet Education Committee I probably learn more from my colleagues than I can contribute. However, our company has always stressed free education as a way of advancing our controls industry so I take advantage of any opportunity."

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