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Dear KIT's Friends,  


After some silence, again, I bring you some upcoming news and some news for the Fall.  


First of all, I am very proud to announce that I am now part of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. As a director, I just finished directing the staged reading of a funny one act, "Jugglers on the Roof" by Scott Gerschwer, with juggling (and nothing about Italy) at the American Avant-Garde Arts Festival in NYC.  Last but not least, from August 17 to the 22, I'll be part of the Jury at the Tropea Film Festival  in beautiful Tropea, in my beloved Calabria. Movies and Sea... no bad, eh?   


And of course, I have been working, and I still am, on several KIT projects, for the US and for the Italian stages.  


Gomorrah has been postponed; we are still working very hard on bringing such important play to NY stage and hopefully we'll have some updates soon.
We are also shaping the 2011/2012 season, where we'll present US premieres in NY, and most likely a Festival on Theater in Translation on both sides of the ocean.

For the end of 2011, I am very happy to announce that KIT ITALIA will present the play Sister, Cousin, Aunt by our esteemed collaborator Dave Johnson in Rome in November with an exceptional cast, led by the famous Italian actress Lydia Biondi .  


We just started a campaign to support the production of Dave's play in Rome. We are seeking to raise $ 10,000 within October 18, one month before the production opens.  Check the campaign and contribute any way you can... As always, your love is our greatest strenght!  


And about our past readings... If you go to our VIDEO section, you can now enjoy excerpts of the dramatic readings from Le cento citta' d'Italia rivisitate by Filippo La Porta and from Ennio Flaiano's event with Marisa Trubiano at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo'. 


Have a wonderful rest of the Summer! 

Ciao, Laura&KIT 


presenta in Prima Nazionale


Sister, Cousin, Aunt

 scritto da Dave Johnson  

 Diretto da Laura Caparrotti



Lydia Biondi

Laura Caparrotti

Chiara Papanicolaou


18-20 Novembre, 2011

Teatro Due

Via dei Due Macelli

Roma (Italy)  









Lo spettacolo viene presentato all'interno della Rassegna  

Sguardi S-Velati: punti di vista al femminile

 Ottobre/Novembre 2011

 Sguardi S-Velati 2011

Closing Headline

You can always donate to KIT through The Field...


Go to The Field Artist's Contribution Page and select  Laura Caparrotti/Kairos Italy Theater from the drop down list of Sponsored Artists. Then put the amount you wish to donate in the "Contribution Amount" slot. Please be sure to fill in all of the contact info so that we can acknowledge your donation with a proper thank you!



Write a check to The Field, and put in the memo line Laura Caparrotti/Kairos Italy Theater. Then mail it to the following address: KIT-Kairos Italy Theater 60 E 8th street Suite 12B NY-NY 10003.

KIT-Kairos Italy Theater is sponsored by The Field, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) organization serving the New York City performing arts community.
The Field is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt,501(c)(3)organization serving the New York City performing arts community. Contributions made to The Field and earmarked Laura Caparrotti/Kairos Italy Theater are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information about The Field contact: The Field, 161 6th Avenue, New York NY 10013, (212) 691-6969, fax: (212) 255-2053, A copy of The Field's latest annual report may be obtained, upon request, from The Field or from the Office of the Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.

Toto bel sorriso

It seems that a newspaper in the Tri-State Area has published the news of an upcoming exhibition on Toto' by KIT.


We regret to inform you that the information is not correct and that the exhibition is NOT scheduled to open any time soon.


For all the people who called  KIT, we promise to work hard to bring soon the exhibition in a location in the Tri-State Area, so all the Toto's fans can enjoy it.  We apologize for the confusion. 




KIT Member Natasha Lardera has collaborated with artist Annalisa Iadicicco in a photo story titled Ottowatch. As Annalisa states, Ottowatch is a tale of action, prevention, collaboration and illumination... these are a lot of "tions," we know, but we have to make a point. Intelligent, wary and stubborn, Otto is a real dynamo. Otto is a rat terrier and he is the (pointy) ears and (crooked) eyes of the community. Follow him on one of his many walks around his neighborhood and witness a hotshot at work. "You and your neighbors are the ones who really know what is going on in your community," Otto says, "By cooperating with each other and the police, citizens can help fight crime in the most effective way-preventing the victimization of themselves."


KIT friend Nicola Iervasi will be in Italy teaching various workshops. Here the dates for August: August 14 - improv for music and performance at Roccella Jazz Festival and August 27-28 Villapiana Lido [choreographic composition master class at Alto Jonio Dance. For more info: 


KIT friend Anabella Lenzu is busy again. She is creating her first book Unveiling Motion and Emotion. We hope to be able to read it soon! To know more about Anabella's project, click HERE .   



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 Ottowatch, a photo story book, created by Annalisa Iadicicco at M55 ART  

KIT Mission
Arlecchino Love Sick

KIT's mission is to create a cultural exchange program between Italy, the US and the international community, to unveil artistic and creative sides of these two countries to the world.


In the States, Kairos Italy Theater is dedicated to spreading the Italian Culture and to creating an Italian Cultural Network in order to support and further increase the knowledge of Italy in the States.


Speech Classes


Tutoring & coaching is offered on:

1. Italian pronunciation for CEO and Administrators: for everyone who needs to speak Italian in meetings and in front of a crowd;  

2. Italian pronunciation for plays, movies and Opera;  

3. Dialect Coach: for everyone who needs to speak not only Italian, but a specific dialect (Sicilian, Calabrese, Neapolitan, Roman...).   


Services servizi

Curating exhibitions and  cultural events related to Literature, Visual Arts, Cinema and Theater;


Translation and Adaptations in English or in Italian of Theatre's plays;


Events' promotion and Theater PR in NYC and in Rome, Italy;


Organization of Events (National and International Events such as Exhibitions, Wine and Food Tasting, Conferences, Lectures, Presentation);


Liaison with International Art/Theater/Film Festival and Cultural Institutions;


Locating and Licensing of Plays and screenplays.






Closing Headline
According to ancient Greeks, Kairos was the god of the "fleeting moment," "a favorable opportunity opposing the fate of man." Such a moment must be grasped (by the tuft of hair on the personified forehead of the fleeting opportunity); otherwise the moment is gone and cannot be re-captured (personified by the back of head being bald). A concept similar to Kairos is that behind the famous motto "Carpe Diem" and a sort of recurrence in the idea of Kairos is linked with the theme of The Wheel of Fortune, which continuously rotates.

Once upon a time... KIT!
Many years ago (I was still in Italy) I have started my own theatre company with some friends, all actors like me. We decided to call us with the temporary name of Le Gramaglie, which was fun, but didn't feel completely right. Then one day, in Rome (my city), while I was walking through an exhibition dedicated to the Greek  sculptor Lysippos, I have discovered a fascinated figure, Kairos, which Lysippos replicated a lot.

Kairos was a semi-god, with a lot of hair in the forehead while completely bold in the back. He symbolized the right occasion grabbed at the right moment: in fact, you can grab it when it's coming (the hair in the forehead), but when it's gone, you won't catch it anymore... I found the concept to be beautiful, an hymn to life lived at full, an exhortation to grab the chance, even when it looks risky, just because your heart says that is the right one.

This is the very simple reason I have called my company Kairos, and when I have came to the States, I have just added Italy to better show what the company was about. After so many years, I can say that I was right: I took many chances, and I still do, and it's still very beautiful and rewarding!

Laura Caparrotti

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