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Dear Friends,

2010 has been already an amazing year. KIT had the honor of bringing FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER a play by the great Franca Valeri to the States. KIT has presented - and continues to present - every month KITCAFFE' In Montclair while at the end of July will celebrate the return of KITCAFFE' in Manhattan at Cornelia Street Cafe'.

In May I am unveiling KIT very last baby: THE KIT PROJECT. Thanks to a collaboration with The Flea Theater, KIT is bringing READINGS OF ITALIAN THEATRE IN TRANSLATION to New York.

We'll present plays that are important to us, and plays that are or have been successfully presented in Italy. The first play is a very famous, challenging and contemporary title... I'll leave you the pleasure to discover it yourself... And don't forget to check the section at the end of the newsletter about KIT Members and Friends! We love to spread the word about all the good things that our friend are creating!

Ciao! Laura & KIT

 The Flea Theater and Kairos Italy Theater present

Arlecchino Love SickGOMORRAH
A theatrical adaptation
by Roberto Saviano and Mario Gelardi
Translated and adapted by
Laura Caparrotti and Dave Johnson in collaboration with Rocco Sisto

Sunday May 23 @ 7pm
The Flea Theater (41 White Street)
Free Admission

The Flea Theater and Kairos Italy Theater proudly present a reading of Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano and Mario Gelardi -from an idea by Ivan Castiglione and Mario Gelardi- translated by Laura Caparrotti and Dave Johnson in collaboration with Rocco Sisto and directed by Laura Caparrotti. The play is based on the International Best-Seller Gomorrah written by Roberto Saviano and will feature Rocco Sisto, Edoardo Ballerini, and The Flea Theater's resident acting company, The Bats.

KIT and The Flea Theater inaugurate the series with Gomorrah, a theatrical adaptation based on the book that The New York Times called "A groundbreaking, unprecedented bestseller in Italy. Roberto Saviano's insider account traces the decline of the city of Naples under the rule of the Camorra, an organized crime network more powerful and violent than the Mafia."

The theatrical adaptation of Gomorrah was written when Roberto Saviano was in the process of writing the book, before anyone could forecast its international success. The play follows the stories of five characters - Mariano, Franco, Pasquale, KIT KAT and Pickachu, as well as Roberto Saviano's work as a reporter in and around his own town. The play has been successfully presented in Italy and in Germany.

Italian culture - theater and literature especially - is full of hidden treasures for the English speaking audience. Until now, many English speakers have been unable to appreciate such masterpieces as they have either been translated poorly, or not at all. This is why KIT has created THE KIT PROJECT, a series of readings of Italian plays, from old to contemporary ones, written by Italian authors. The series will introduce translation of plays never translated into English before as well as new translation of works already previously translated.

Mario Gelardi, co-writer of the adaptation with Saviano, states: "In the play, we wanted to create a structure that linked all the stories using Roberto Saviano as the glue for them. We wanted to give character and a face to the protagonists of the book. It's not just paper, it's flesh and blood. The theatrical Gomorrah is like a series of shots by a Kalashnikov, fast, violent, that shoots at bullet-proof glass, making big and small holes."

The reading will be followed by a post-reading discussion organized in collaboration with Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' at NYU.

The Flea Theater, under Artistic Director Jim Simpson and Producing Director Carol Ostrow, is one of New York's leading off-off-Broadway companies. Winner of a Special Drama Desk Award for outstanding achievement, Obie Awards and an Otto for political theater, The Flea has presented nearly 100 plays and numerous dance and live music performances since its inception in 1996. Past productions include the premieres of Anne Nelson's The Guys; five plays by A.R. Gurney (Post Mortem, O Jerusalem, Screenplay, Mrs. Farnsworth and A Light Lunch); Mac Wellman's Cellophane and Two September; Roger Rosenblatt's Ashley Montana Goes Ashore... and The Oldsmobiles; Elizabeth Swados' JABU and Kaspar Hauser; Karen Finley's Return of the Chocolate Smeared Woman; Adam Rapp's Bingo with the Indians; Will Eno's Oh, The Humanity and other exclamations; Dawn by Thomas Bradshaw; The Great Recession and most recently, Girls in Trouble.

The Flea is located at 41 White Street between Church and Broadway, three blocks south of Canal, close to the A/C/E, N/R/Q/W, 6, J/M/Z and 1 subway lines. For reservations, please email Sarah Wansley at
[email protected].

Check KIT website for updates on the cast and the reading!

Wedding Rose Laura Fantini
Congratulations to KIT friend and collaborator Laura Fantini for receiving an honorable mention @ Gallery 364, during the April Art Competition, for her colored pencils artwork entitled "Wedding Rose" (the amazing rose on the left). Brava Laura!


Because of previous engagement, this year KIT cannot participate in the Annual Ciao Italy 2010Ciao Italy Festival. While we are very sorry we are unable to go to Williamsburg, we'd love to spread the word about the Festival, especially now that KIT friend Anabella Lenzu  is looking for new voices to add to the program. Here the description Anabella sent us:
Seeking artists to perform in the 3rd Annual Ciao Italy Performing Arts Festival, which will be held Saturday June 19, 2010 from 6:00-10:00pm at the Associazione San Cono in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Looking for artists in the following performance genres: Dance, Theater, Visual Arts, Music, and Poetry. Performances should be 20 minutes maximum and either Italian-inspired or traditional Italian-based works. A small performance stipend will be provided to selected artists. Applications must be submitted by Wednesday May 12, 2010. To apply please submit completed application form, a short bio, and a work sample. Applications may be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] or by mail to Anabella Lenzu, 126 Ainslie Street, Apt. 3L, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Work samples can be submitted as a CD/DVD or electronically as a link, youtube clip, e-mail attachment, or mp3 file. Artists will receive notification by Monday May 17 2010.

Education is a big part of KIT's philosophy. La Scuola Guglielmo Marconi is offering a workshop devoted to the Reggio Emilia Approach. The workshop takes place May 18 from 1 to 4:30pm at La Scuola (12 East 96th Street). For more information, contact 212-369 3290 or 212-369 4433.

KIT friend Nicola Iervasi  is producing - with his group Mare Nostrum Elements -a promotional video of The Wave Within Movement Theater. Mare Nostrum Elements is looking for eclectic and dynamic performers to participate in The Wave Within! Movement Theater training promotional video. The two days workshop/audition is taking place on May 2 and May 9 at Peridance Capezio Center. For more info visit the website For questions, write to [email protected].

Logo Mondiali 2010

KIT friends Mauro, Simone and Fabio at Sora Lella NYC keep screening soccer matches from Italy every week... Starting from June 11, the party will continue with the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP... Thank you guys for keeping our lives in NY so Italian! To watch the games and to know when the games are on:
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Homage to Alberto Rabagliati at CASA ITALIANA ZERILLI-MARIMO' at NYU

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Adventures in Italian Opera: Daniela Dessi' and Fabio Armiliato at CASA ITALIANA ZERILLI-MARIMO' at NYU

Palladio and his legacy: a translatantic journey at MORGAN LIBRARY

Pranzo di Ferragosto by Gianni Di Gregorio at QUAD CINEMA

Roberta Gambarini with the Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Big Band at BLUE NOTE


Anima'LS - LOSVIZZERO solo-show at SPACE 3S

Carmen Consoli at LE POISSON ROUGE

Festival dei Popoli at ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVE
Arlecchino Love Sick

KIT's mission is to create a cultural exchange program between Italy, the US and the international community, to unveil artistic and creative sides of these two countries to the world.

In the States, Kairos Italy Theater is dedicated to spreading the Italian Culture and to creating an Italian Cultural Network in order to support and further increase the knowledge of Italy in the States.

Upcoming Events
May 23rd, 7pm: THE KIT PROJECT: Gomorrah, The Flea Theater
June 7th, 7-9pm: KITCAFFE' In Montclair: Fred Gardaphe's Importato dall'Italia, Trumpets Jazz, Montclair, NJ
June 13th, 7pm: The KIT PROJECT, The Flea Theater
July 27th, 6-8pm: KITCAFFE' In Manhattan, Cornelia Street Cafe'

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Arlecchino Love SickAccording to ancient Greeks, Kairos was the god of the "fleeting moment," "a favorable opportunity opposing the fate of man." Such a moment must be grasped (by the tuft of hair on the personified forehead of the fleeting opportunity); otherwise the moment is gone and cannot be re-captured (personified by the back of head being bald). A concept similar to Kairos is that behind the famous motto "Carpe Diem" and a sort of recurrence in the idea of Kairos is linked with the theme of The Wheel of Fortune, which continuously rotates.

Once upon a time... KIT!
Many years ago (I was still in Italy) I have started my own theatre company with some friends, all actors like me. We decided to call us with the temporary name of Le Gramaglie, which was fun, but didn't feel completely right. Then one day, in Rome (my city), while I was walking through an exhibition dedicated to the Greek  sculptor Lysippos, I have discovered a fascinated figure, Kairos, which Lysippos replicated a lot.

Kairos was a semi-god, with a lot of hair in the forehead while completely bold in the back. He symbolized the right occasion grabbed at the right moment: in fact, you can grab it when it's coming (the hair in the forehead), but when it's gone, you won't catch it anymore... I found the concept to be beautiful, an hymn to life lived at full, an exhortation to grab the chance, even when it looks risky, just because your heart says that is the right one.

This is the very simple reason I have called my company Kairos, and when I have came to the States, I have just added Italy to better show what the company was about. After so many years, I can say that I was right: I took many chances, and I still do, and it's still very beautiful and rewarding!

Laura Caparrotti

To contact KIT, send an email to [email protected]
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