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March 2009


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ITALY IN (and around) NY
KAREN GUANCIONE's exhibition at Lex Leonard Gallery in Jersey City, NJ

LAURA FANTINI's exhibition City Visions at Object Image Gallery in Brooklyn

THE WOOSTER GROUP in La Didone at St. Ann's Warehouse

"Choir of Angels: Painting in Italian Choir Books, 1300-1500" at the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART

"Weird Beauty: Fashion Photography Now" at the INTERNATIONAL CENTER of PHOTOGRAPHY

Parla come Mangi at COLLINA ITALIANA

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Kairos Italy Theater
KIT's mission is to create a cultural exchange program between Italy, the US and the international community, to unveil artistic and creative sides of these two countries to the world. In the States, Kairos Italy Theater is dedicated to spread the Italian Culture and to create an Italian Culture Network in order to maintain and grow the knowledge of Italy in the States.
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Wed 10:30am-12:30pm La Collina Italiana Italian Int.
Thu 5-6pm Creative Movement Theatre Hoboken, NJ Theatre&Storytell
Fri 4-5pm Kairos Italy Theater Italian&Theatre
March 18 6:30 pm Cine Club with Laura Caparrotti,  La Collina Italiana
March 27 6:30pm Caffe' Letterario, La Collina Italiana

Happy Spring!

Well... we are not so sure that Spring is already here, yet, in any case, Daylight Saving Time has begun!!! And that means  we are on the way to the summer!

Enjoy the brighter days, then, and all the bright and funny KIT activities!


Toto' Tour: PrincetonBel Ciccillo
After a happy and much enjoyed afternoon with Toto' at the Dorothea's House in Princeton, the celebration continues with more screenings.

Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 3 pm
Siamo uomini or caporali?
(Are We Men or Corporals?), 1955

Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 3 pm
Un turco napoletano
(A Neapolitan Turk), 1953

Caffe' Letterario and Cine Club
at Collina Italiana
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Limited enrollment, reserve now!

Cine Club

Wednesday March 11th Riccardo Costa at 6:30pm:
Il Divo (2008) directed by Paolo Sorrentino

Wednesday March 18th Laura Caparrotti at 6:30pm:
I Tartassati (1959) with Toto' and Aldo Fabrizi

The Cine-Club: 79 Years of Italian Film (1930-2009) allows participants to discover cinematic gems and contemplate diverse themes in Italian life. The screenings include discussions on history of film and present-day Italian cinema, the protagonists, and themes that the films explore over time: from love and politics to family and immigration-revealing the Italian way of life for more than half a century.

The series is team-taught by actor, teaching artist, and Italian language instructor Laura Caparrotti (films up until the 80s) and filmmaker and Italian language instructor Riccardo (Riki) Costa (films from the 80s till today).

 All films are in Italian and subtitled... in Italian!
Plus, the participants will receive a complementary glass of wine!

Caffe' Letterario
Friday March 27 @ 6:30pm: focus on Ennio Flaiano

Ennio Flaiano (1910-1972). Best known for the work he did in conjunction with Fellini, Italian screenwriter Ennio Flaiano and his most frequent collaborator Tullio Pinelli penned many scripts during the '50s and '60s. Before coming to film, Flaiano was an architect, a professional writer, a drama and film critic, and an author. Fellini appreciated Flaiano's deft humor, dry observations on culture, and subtlety and used the writer to help pen some of his best films including La Strada (1954), La Dolce Vita (1960) and 81/2 (1963). He wrote 57 screenplays and subjects. Among them: Too bad she's bad by Blasetti, The Night by Antonioni, Totň and Carolina by Mario Monicelli, and El Verdugo by Luis Garcia Berlanga. He won the first edition of the Premio Strega in 1947 with his novel Tempo di Uccidere (A Time to Kill). His The Via Veneto Papers are also available in English.

Decades ago in Italy, intellectual women started what was known as the Salotti Letterari, or literary salons, where artists, philosophers, and writers met to share opinions and exchange and celebrate ideas. Fast forward, the city of Paris gave birth to Café society and soon all over Europe, the Caffe' Letterari became the meeting point for everyone who wanted to make his/her voice heard.
Today in Italy, the Caffe' Letterari have evolved into spaces where not only you can enjoy a latte or cappuccino while reading a novel but also are places where you can attend performances, engage in discussions on all subjects, listen to presentations, etc.- all in the name of "Culture."
Collina Italiana is proud to present its own Caffe' Letterario, run by the women at CI, particularly actor, journalist, and Italian language instructor Laura Caparrotti. In celebration of Italian culture, especially writers and their novels, and essays, as well as to improve CI students' Italian language skills and expand on their knowledge of Italy, Laura leads participants on a unique journey to discover what remains unknown to most and is new in Italy-all of this and more in a weekly cozy salon atmosphere.
Professional actors will also be invited to Caffe' Letterario for a dramatic reading of a short story or essay by an Italian author and at the end of each performance or reading guests engage students in discussions in Italiano. Participants are provided copies of all material. In keeping with the salon spirit, coffee and pastries are served at every session.
The class, designed for intermediate and advanced students, is conducted in Italian.

ArchivioNEW!!!  KIT Newsletter Archive

If you'd like to check our past newsletter, starting from  the one dated January 2007, go to KIT's  About us page and look for the link to the archive... click on it, and the past of Kairos Italy Theater will be there for you!


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Either if you are going to Rome or are getting ready to visit NY, check the latest on Exhibitions, shows, restaurants, latest trends... you find a KIT of fresh and unique news about the two Capitals of the world! And to honor KIT's tradition, the web-site speaks both English and Italian!

Some more KIT's updates...

The ContendersCongratulations to our Marta Mondelli! She finished shooting her first feature: The Contenders.

Now, we wait for the first screening! We'll let you know where and when... in the meantime, Brava Marta!

Become friends with other KIT's fans, and enjoy events, discussions, suggestions, videos, photos and much more!

Park BrooklynOur very good friends at Collina Italiana are opening a new branch in Park Slope! The school is at 120 Garfield Place @ Sixth Avenue, the opening date is set for March 16th. For more information, please contact Collina Italiana at 212-427 7770 or at or check the website for classes' schedule.

We are very sorry that sometime KIT newsletter shows different fonts and formats... the program we use (a very popular one indeed) is very independent and without apparent reasons, it decides not to change font or color or size... and we accept its decision and continue anyway...

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