VOLUME 9, NO. 8
January 6, 2012 

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The Alliance for California Traditional Arts promotes and supports ways for cultural traditions to thrive now and into the future by providing advocacy, resources, and connections for folk and traditional artists and their communities.

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oneACTA Announces 2012 Living Cultures Grants Program Grantees
Members of Escaramuza Charra Las Azaleas, subject of Pony Highway Production's documentary Escaramuza: Riding From the Heart.
Photo: Pony Highway Productions


In its largest grantmaking cycle to date, the Alliance for California Traditional made 61 grants totalling $396,000 to California nonprofits to support exemplary projects in folk and traditional arts through its Living Cultures Grants Program..


The awards will fund a variety of community-based traditional arts practiced by Californians from many cultural communities across the state, including traditional Hawaiian garment-making in Alamdea County, Hmong qeej instruction in Sacramento County, Native Californian basket documentation and preservation in Yolo County, Oaxacan cultural festivals in Fresno and Kern Counties, Cambodian classical dance workshops in Los Angeles County, traditional Philippine dance and music workshops in San Diego County, and the celebration of Romani culture in Sonoma County.




twoACTA Welcomes 17 Master Artist-Apprentice Teams to its Apprenticeship Program
Alliance for California Traditional Arts
Master Kurdish Alevi folk musician Ozden Oztoprak and her daughter and 2012 apprentice Berfin Ozsoy. Photo courtesy of Ozden Oztoprak


Since 1999, the Alliance for California Traditional Arts' Apprenticeship Program has supported California's cultural traditions with 223 contracts to outstanding folk and traditional artists.  Now entering its twelfth cycle,ACTA's Apprenticeship Program encourages the continuation of the state's living cultural heritage by contracting exemplary master artists to offer intensive training to qualified apprentices.  Each contract will support a period of concentrated mentorship between six to twelve months for individuals who demonstrate commitment to and talent for a specific artistic tradition. Contracts of $3,000 are made with California-based master artists to cover master artist's fees, supplies and travel.  Participants work closely with ACTA staff to develop and document the apprenticeships, culminating in opportunities to publicly share results of the apprenticeship.


The 2012 Apprenticeship Program cohort of 34 artists reflects California's breadth of cultural diversity and intergenerational learning, ranging from septuagenarian master artists to 15-year old apprentices, spanning from Sonoma to San Bernardino Counties. Thriving traditions supported through these apprenticeships reflect indigenous California cultural practices that include Mono tumpline weaving; distinctly American art forms such as African-American Gospel and Spiritual singing; and cultural traditions which have taken root in the United States hailing from regions such as Laos, Tibet, Bulgaria, Turkey, Mexico, Haiti, India, and the Philippines. 


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third ACTA Announces Two Job Openings for Program Managers

Today ACTA opens the application process for two positions for program mangers.  Please help us spread the word about these great opportunities to work as part of the ACTA team in our statewide mission to provide stewardship for the folk & traditional arts in California.

One job is for a part-time project manager to serve the Southern California region from a Los Angeles base; and the other is for a full-time project manager working statewide from a base of San Francisco or Fresno.  Follow the link below to read the full job descriptions, qualifications, and instructions for application.  These positions are both open until filled.  ACTA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Questions can be addressed to Amy Kitchener, Executive Director at [email protected] or (559) 237-9813/(415) 346-8700.


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