VOLUME 8, NO. 5
October 7, 2010 
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The Alliance for California Traditional Arts promotes and supports ways for cultural traditions to thrive now and into the future by providing advocacy, resources, and connections for folk and traditional artists and their communities.

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The World Festival of Sacred Music
Through Oct 31, 2010
Los Angeles

Tarzana Adult Greek Dancing
Through Oct 26, 2010

Kularts Presents @ Hallidie Plaza
Oct 9, 2010
San Francisco

Traditions Engaged
Oct 8 - Oct 10, 2010
Los Angeles

Gamelan Workshop: Music of Bali
Oct 6 - Nov 17, 2010
San Francisco

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The Art of Native American Basketry: A Living Tradition at the Museum of the American West
Through Nov 7, 2010
Los Angeles

Viva México! Heroes and Artisans at the Mingei Museum
Though Jan 2, 2011
San Diego

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firstarticleComing Home: The Linguistic and Cultural Renaissance of the Chumash People

Photo: Steve Miller, New Times SLO

Our community tomol, the 'Elye'wun, traveled from the mainland to Limuw during the second weekend in September.  Limuw is also known as Santa Cruz Island.  It is a sacred place and the island of origin for all Chumash people, our birthplace.

The connection we feel is hard to describe, but it's like falling into the arms of a loving mother after experiencing heartbreak.  Limuw breathes with us and allows us to connect with our ancestors and each other.  Because so many Chumash people have all been scattered throughout California, this annual event is profoundly critical to our people.

-- Deborah Sanchez, Co-chair, Barbareño Chumash Council


thirdarticleLearning to Dance like My Ancestors Once Danced: Connecting to History and Culture Through Bomba

In June 2010, Denise Solis and Melissa Reyes of San Francisco's Las Bomberas de la Bahia received support from ACTA's Traditional Arts Development Program to travel to Puerto Rico to study and practice bomba with master dancers, singers and percussionists.  Denise and Melissa discuss their experience and their relationship with the Puerto Rican dance form.


secondarticle25 Years and Kicking (Or At Least Kaholoing)

What constitutes healthy change in tradition?  This question was at the core of a meeting convened last month to mark the 25th anniversary of San Francisco-based hula company and school Nä Lei Hulu I Ka Wëkiu.  ACTA staff member Lily Kharrazi was invited to participate in the conversation


fourtharticleTell the Candidates You Support the Arts!

ACTA encourages you to join us, California Arts Advocates, and the Arts in the California Governor's Race team in letting your candidate know you support the arts and arts education and you want them to support the arts too.  It's easy and it takes less than two minutes.


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