VOLUME 8, NO. 4
September 9, 2010 
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The Alliance for California Traditional Arts promotes and supports ways for cultural traditions to thrive now and into the future by providing advocacy, resources, and connections for folk and traditional artists and their communities.

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Emerging Arts Professionals Fellowship: San Francisco Bay Area
Deadline: Sep 15

New Stages for Dance
Deadline: Sep 15

National Association of Latino Arts and Culture's Fund for the Arts
Deadline: Sep 24

CA$H Grants: Dance
Deadline: Sep 27

Building Resilience in Indigenous Communities
Deadline: Sep 30

Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange
Deadline: Oct 1

San Francisco Arts Commission's Arts & Communities: Innovative Partnerships Grant
Deadline: Oct 8

Museum and Community Connections Program
Deadline: Oct 15

Los Angeles County Arts Commission's Organizational Grant Program III
Deadline: Oct 20

California Documentary Project
Deadline: Nov 1

Los Angeles County Arts Commission's Organizational Grant Program 2.5
Deadline: Nov 3

San Francisco Arts Commission's Organizational Project Grants
Deadline: Nov 4

Arts Council Silicon Valley's Artists Fellowships
Deadline: Nov 15

California Story Fund
Deadline: Nov 15

Los Angeles County Arts Commission's Organizational Grant Program II
Deadline: Nov 17

Los Angeles County Arts Commission's Organizational Grant Program I
Deadline: Dec 8

Call for Applicants: World Festival of Sacred Music 2011
Deadline: Jan 10

Arts Council Silicon Valley's Regional Arts Fund
Deadline: Feb 7

Arts Council Silicon Valley's Community Arts Fund
Deadline: Mar 7

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Upcoming Events

The World Festival of Sacred Music
Through Oct 31, 2010
Los Angeles

Culture at the Crossroads: Rumen Sali Shopov & Balkanski Zvezdi
Sep 10, 2010
San Francisco

16th Annual Precious Sunset Ceremonial Powwow
Sep 10 - Sep 12, 2010
Bass Lake

San Jose Taiko's Rhythm Spirit 2010
Sep 10 - Sep 11, 2010

Shasta Taiko at the Fairs
Sep 11, 2010

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Current Exhibits


The Art of Native American Basketry: A Living Tradition at the Museum of the American West

Through Nov 7, 2010
Los Angeles

Viva México! Heroes and Artisans at the Mingei Museum
Though Jan 2, 2011
San Diego

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firstarticleCultural Equity Dialogues: Artistic Marginalization

Editor's Note: This is the fifth article in ACTA's Cultural Equity Dialogues.  Based on ACTA's community forum, Building Cultural Equity Through the Traditional Arts, held in Los Angeles in February 2010, the Cultural Equity Dialogues are a series of online, interactive articles exploring topics relating to cultural equity and folk & traditional arts.  You are invited to join this conversation by clicking the "Read More..." link below to post your own comments and stories.

Fighting the overwhelming perception that only mainstream, dominant narratives are valid, and/or that traditional artistic expression is old, outmoded, and irrelevant to contemporary issues and taste, how do we position/promote the public value of our work more effectively?


secondarticleGarifuna American Heritage Foundation United Launches New YouTube Channel

Based in Los Angeles, the Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United (GAHFU) is an organization whose use of internet technology is galvanizing the renaissance of its cultural riches. 
You can now watch some of GAHFU's language and cultural offerings on their newly launched YouTube channel.  GAHFU's YouTube videos compliment their free weekly language and culture classes.  The lessons are also made available online, making it possible for tens of thousands of worldwide listeners to join the GAHFU's Los Angeles classroom.  A grant from ACTA's Living Cultures Grants Program helps to support GAHFU's language and culture classes. 

As descendants of African slaves to the New World, the Garifuna survived what was surely to be its demise when left to perish on an inhabitable island in the Caribbean.  The Garifuna people -- who primarily live in Belize, Honduras, and Nicaragua -- were recognized by UNESCO in 2001 when their language, music, and dance were declared masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.


thirdarticleACTA Board of Directors Elects a New President

The Alliance for California Traditional Arts' Board of Directors elected Dr. Deborah Wong as its new president at the August meeting in San Francisco.Outgoing Board President Charlie Seemann will continue to serve on ACTA's executive committee and continue his board service as a member of the board of directors.


fourtharticleLos Angeles County Arts Commission Announces a New Round of its Organizational Grant Program

This week, the Los Angeles County Arts Commission announced the 2011-12 cycle of its Organizational Grant Program (OGP).  OGP provides financial support to assist and strengthen nonprofit arts organizations to provide quality arts services to enrich the lives of Los Angeles County residents. 

To learn more about eligibility, grant workshops, and the application process, visit the Los Angeles County Arts Commission's website.

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