VOLUME 7, NO. 7
December 18, 2009 
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The Alliance for California Traditional Arts strives to "ensure California's future holds California's past" by providing programs and services to support the state's diverse living cultural heritage. The Alliance cultivates the growth of traditional arts and culture through Stewardship, Services to Artists, and Connection-Making.

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Grand Mixteco Christmas Festival 2009
Dec 19 - Dec 19, 2009
San Diego, CA

Navidad en Whittier
Dec 19 - Dec 19, 2009
Whittier , CA

Nations of San Diego International Dance Festival
Jan 15 - Jan 17, 2010
Coronado, CA

Congolese Dance & Drum Workshop in Maui
Feb 26 - Mar 8, 2010

REgeneracion: Ricardo Flores-Magon and the Mexican Revolution of 1910
Mar 5 - Mar 13, 2010
Fresno and Clovis, CA

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Current Exhibits

American Masterpieces: The Artistic Legacy of California Indian Basketry
Mar 14 - Mar 14, 2010
Sacramento, CA

Japanese Papercraft: Miko Dolls
Oct 1 - Mar 1, 2010
Oakland, CA

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Two California Traditional Artists Receive National Honor    

Alliance for California Traditional Arts

Two of California's finest traditional artists received a USA Fellowship from United States Artists (USA), Sophiline Cheam Sharpiro, USA Knight Fellow, Long Beach, and Danongan Kalanduyan, USA Broad Fellow, San Francisco.  Both of these artists have been supported through the
Alliance for California Traditional Arts' (ACTA) three core programs.

Bay Area ACTA Grantees Gathering 2009

Alliance for California Traditional ArtsAt the close of each calendar year, bay area participants who have completed or are near completion of their Apprenticeship Program  learning cycle or their Living Cultures Grant Program project are invited to meet one another.  This year, nearly 40 people gathered in an upstairs classroom of the new Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley to share what for many in the room is considered their life work.
Traditional artists, cultural activists and staff traded in a few short sentences their vital information, beginning with introductions, what organizations they represent and what arts they are engaged in.  The tone of the meeting was set immediately by the blessing of Christine Hamilton, Pomo basket maker, who as the indigenous elder brought our focus together to acknowledge that our Bay Area home- base is indeed indigenous land.  Perhaps it was the close quarters and full room, but the depth of conversation afforded each participant a glimpse into the commitment and artistry of all those in the room.

Guqin - a Glimpse of the Scholarly Tradition Behind the Music

Alliance for California Traditional ArtsThere are very few teachers who teach the guqin, (or qin), a seven-stringed zither, as a scholarly tradition today, even in China. Guqin master Wang Fei is one of these few.

In Memoriam: Bess Lomax Hawes

Alliance for California Traditional ArtsThe staff and Board of Directors of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) expresses deep sorrow over the recent death of Bess Lomax Hawes (1921-2009), the mother of public folklore in this country.

Bess' hard work, vision and intelligence led the establishment of public folklore and folk arts programs across the United States.  While she is remembered for many things, it was under her direction as director of the National Endowment for the Arts Folks Arts Program that the discipline received national attention and became a program on the level of other artistic disciplines.  During her years as director, from 1977-1992, funding for the program grew from $100,000 to over $4 million and staffing increased from one to six.  Her efforts to create state-based folk arts programs were successful in 50 of the 56 states and territories. Her State Apprenticeship Initiative helped create programs for traditional arts in over 40 states.

An Apprenticeship in Korean P'ungmul

Alliance for California Traditional ArtsIn 2009, master artist Dohee Lee (Oakland) participated in ACTA's Apprenticeship Program with p'ungmul apprentice Kyungseok Kent Hong (Berkeley).  The apprenticeship focused on techniques and various textures of several p'ungmul instruments, including the janggu and the kkwaenggwari, and Hong was trained to adapt to various situations and roles within a p'ungmul ensemble.  View a slideshow and learn more about their work by following the link to our website.

California Arts Council Announces Art License Plate Fees Are Now Charitable Deductions (include accompanying license plate graphic)

Alliance for California Traditional ArtsA recent clarification from a state tax agency could be a significant boon for the arts in the state. California Arts License Plate fees are charitable deductions to the State of California for tax purposes, according to the Franchise Tax Board. The clarification comes just in time for the holidays and end-of-year charitable planning and serves as a platform to launch a goal of affixing one million new arts plates to California cars.

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