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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

You know it's summer our amazing mecca of creativity and innovation, aka the SF Bay Area, when the choices of events, festivals, workshops, and non-stop learning labs have us up, jumping, and beaming from sunrise to sunset. Sometimes the choices are exhausting. At least that is my challenge.

And it brings me back to asking myself: What's important to me? What do I really want?  What lights me up? Because I know when I shine, so does everyone else around me.

Right now I am now deeply immersed in developing a global leadership training program for a large international company.  I'm loving returning to my role as teacher, facilitator, speaker, while helping others step more fully into their purpose.

I am wishing you all a wonderFULL June, with huge doses of outdoor activity, abundant veggie gardens, and many opportunities to share all your blessings. 

I look forward to connecting, sharing, playing, and creating with you- the change We Wish to BE!


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How to Start a Movement (in under 3 minutes):


Need to have the guts/confidence/the calling to stand out and be ridiculed.

Need to nurture your first few followers. Embrace them as equals. Followers are underestimated leaders- they  transform leaders.


Have the courage to follow and show others how to follow.

Movements must be public. 

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One sure way to stand out, gain followers, re-empower ourselves and our communities in California is to Vote No on Prop. 16 June 8.

June 8: Vote No on Prop 16

Northern California understands the deceiptful message behind the $46 mil of TV advertisement funded by PGE.  Prop. 16 is NOT about taxpayers right to vote. It's about protecting PG&E's monopoly and their rate hikes, not about protecting voters. Please communicate in every way you can with your networks throughout Southern California to VOTE NO on PROPOSITION 16.   Let communities choose clean energy and green jobs.
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Harmony Festival- June 11-13

harnony 2010

This is my all-time f
avorite festival in Northern California, and for me the official start of summer! The Harmony Festival, now in it's 32nd year is an amazing merging of music, art, ecology, healthy living, and  sustainability. Check out complete line up of SPEAKERS, PERFORMERS, and events at the Ecovillage  here.

RiverGuidess Journeys- Summer, 2010

Come to the River! Many of you know of my on-going affiliation with the
Pachamama Alliance as a me on riverfacilitator/producer of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. My friend and new ATD facilitator, Gail Orchier, is offering a very special rafting trip on the Kings River June 25-29 for anyone wanting to rest, rejuvenate and re-ignite their committment to Changing the Dream with other conscious change agents, facilitators, cultural creatives.  For more info, click here,  and mention this announcement.

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. What new terrain will you venture to this summer?

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