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Creating Your Personal Board of Directors
42 Rules for Successful Collaboration
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Dear Friends, Colleagues & Clients::

Beautiful Autumn Greetings to All!

Thank you to those who have been asking about Leading Visions to Action.

Like many of you, amidst summer celebrations and traveling to Spain (Catalunya & the Baleares), I've also spent more time in inquiry: going deeper into soul purpose, asking discerning questions, examining my message and current seminar offerings along with my needs and desires for more intentional, sustainable collaboration.

Last weekend, along an with amazing team, I co-produced the Bay Area Global Gathering of Awakening the Dreamers Facilitators. This team was one of the best I've worked with- an exemplary model of collaborative leadership, where everyone effortlessly stepped into their game and played at 100% with passion, purpose and heart. In less that four weeks, we created a beautiful, nurturing, empowering day for those that are leading the ATD Initiative in their businesses and communities.

We all received some potent leadership reminders from our gathering:
Fill Yourself Up, Before You Give. Ask yourself what matters most to you?
Lead from you desires/passions (not obligation). When your heart is activated, people love working with you.
Offer your teams and volunteers responsibilities that they, too, are passionate about.

As we *Fall into Balance*, my wish is that you all are navigating these times of change with grace, trust, and the support you need to be the best you can be!

May all beings be happy and at peace,


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Lifeline Relationships: Creating Your Personal Board of Directors

Keith Ferrazi
In order to continue to be the best we can, I believe it's vitally important, especially in these times, to create our own Personal Board of Directors- a small committed group who are not going to let each other fail, ever!

I'm sure many of you are familiar with  Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, and his most recent book, Whose Got Your Back.   Ferazzi believes leadership, at its essence, is a spiritual journey- it takes courage, motivation, discipline, and commitment. Strongly grounded in many years of Vipassana practice, Ferazzi's weaves his spiritual practice into his leadership style, sharing life-changing strategies for anyone committed to building a lifeline team. 


According to Ferrazzi, successful networking (our abilities to "connect") is not about the size of our "rolodex". Rather success is more readily available to those who can pick up the phone and say, " I need help".

Particularly in these times, Ferazzi encourages us to focus on *Relationship Capital* by building a Personal Board of Directors or what he calls *Lifeline Relationships*- the ones that help us rebuild TRUST in a world of fear and greed.

  • Identify at 3 people you know who can change your life.
  • Call them and share this idea about LifeLine Relationships. Ask them if they will be on board with you.
  • Lifeline Relationships lead with generosity. Who bends over backwards for you?  Who do you bend over backwards for?
  • Lifeline Relationships are transparent: Who can you let your guard down with and have it be okay?
  • Lifeline Relationships hold each other accountable. Who can kick you in the butt when necessary? Which of your peers can you depend upon to TELL the TRUTH and help you face the brutal facts
  • Lifeline relationships agree to forgive in advance when we slip up. Sparring is okay (even encouraged!).
  • Lifeline relationships have a RELATIONSHIP ACTION PLAN. (R.A.P.) which is rigorous, routine, strategic, and systematic.
Your Personal Board of Directors can come in many forms: Mastermind Groups, Learning or Coaching Communities, Wisdom Councils, Women's or Men's circles, or Spiritual Communities.

Rather than changing who we are, enlist others to help us become the best we can be. This is where the true strength of any team, organization or initiative lies. For more information on Ferrazi's model, check out  Greenlight Community.

How many of you have this lifeline team in place? I've had several "lifeline" teams over the years (work groups, learning communities, friends, spiritual sanghas, performance groups) that were extremely beneficial for their duration.

And now, I am looking at creating the strongest, most sustainable  one yet!  Will you help me?

I am eager to partner with an organizational leadership team that needs a powerful provocateur, collaborator, and communications maven/ director to weave it all together: vision, strategy, marketing, communications, engagement, and human capital. Let's start the conversation!

42 Rules for Successful Collaboration
42 Rules
A Practical Approach to Working with People, Processes & Technology

Get your copy today! (I'm a contributing writing) 


My Rule #29
Use Leaders as Collaborative Strategists
  • Get the right people on the bus and in the right seats, with a commitment to building a best-in-class collaborative culture.
  • Focus on internal-facing collaboration that encourages collective intelligence (simple yet intentional engagement).
  • Recognize and reward those within the organization who consistently share information, resources, responsibilities, while engaged in and committed to organizational and personal excellence. 
  • Read more
Economics of Peace: The Slow Money Movement

Slow Money is said to be a new economic vision. Or is it  the reinvention of a system that once functioned?

This emerging slow money movement has its roots in local, organic and sustainable farming.  But it is part of a broader trend towards creating and supporting local economies and businesses. I see it as a re-emergence of investors, donors, farmers, and social activists committed to building local economies starting with the soil of the economy. Food! Some *experts*  refer to this as the *nurture capital* industry." It's Natural Capital solutions.

I'll be attending the Economics of Peace Conference, Oct. 18-23 in Sonoma, CA. This conference will  showcase some of the most successful and inspiring examples of economic models that value people and planet before profit. It's a fantastic opportunity to hear some of today's thought leaders' views on collaborative business practices and innovative exchange systems for Transforming Money, Rebuilding Community, Redefining Wealth. Click here for more information and to register.

Featured speakers include: Judy Wickes, (founder of BALLE),  Jacob Needleman, James K. Galbraith, San Keen, Fred Freuddlich & Mikel Lezamiz (Mondragon Cooperative), US Rep. Lynne Woolsey, et al.
Still investigating whether conference planners will be live-streaming.

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