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"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."  
- Ronald Reagan (1986) 
Tech Tips
Metering Your Successmeteringpump


Metering pumps are positive displacement machines that use a diaphragm in combination with suction and discharge check valves to pressurize and move a fluid.


Quite simply, metering pumps are either mechanically or hydraulically actuated. In a mechanical pump, the diaphragm and the drive unit are physically connected. In a hydraulically actuated pump, the diaphragm is actuated by pressurized hydraulic oil.


Both types of pumps can be further classified by their method of volume control: either lost motion or amplitude modulation. In an amplitude modulated machine, the actual stroke length of the diaphragm is adjusted by means of a variable cam and gear arrangement. Horsepower requirements will therefore increase and decrease with flow. A lost motion machine will utilize mechanical stops, springs or a hydraulic bypass without actually adjusting the travel of the cam; horsepower consumption remains constant.



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Featured Products

The Good Food Pump   GoodFoodpump

Tailor-made for the food industry


From The Food Safety Act 1990 to the EC's 2002 General Food Law Regulation, 

production, processing and distribution of food stuffs is governed by a mass of laws, 

codes of practice and guidance. Food hygiene naturally lies at the heart of this regulation -

 a fact recognized by Flotronic Pumps Limited in the development of their special 

'hygienic' version of the famous one-nut double diaphragm pump.



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Pump Detective

Pump Detective
The Case of the Out of Compliance Scrubber


A customer has a 5' diameter, 20' high scrubber to remove HCl from an air stream. It is a packed tower with spray nozzles.


The scrubber had been installed and running without incident for 4 years. One day, the environmental manager told the operations manger the scrubber was out of compliance. In checking they found the pump discharge pressure too low. Also the motor amps were reading high.  



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