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  SEPTEMBER 2010   
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."    - Mark Twain
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Laser Alignment ROI

Whenever you decide to add a new or an additional tool to your maintenance program, it is important to understand your return on investment. How fast will this tool pay for itself, how can you justify it and how do you start saving money for your maintenance program?

A strategy that can start paying for itself immediately is precision alignment. Precision alignment is a process that ensures that machinery is installed in a precise manner to maximize its operational life. It should be performed on every installation of rotating equipment, no matter how small, no matter how critical.
Featured Products

ANSIPeerless Pump: Quality Parts, at Competitive Prices

Peerless Pump has been engineering and manufacturing pumps since 1923. Along the way, we've delivered thousands of pumps and pioneered new technologies. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ongoing research and development efforts.

Our process pump line, through product enhancements and design changes is now firmly established as a top ANSI pump and parts supplier.

Interchangeable Parts for ANSI/Process Pumps

Impellers, wear plates, sleeves, shafts, stuffing box covers, casings and other wear parts are engineered to perform better than original factory specifications. Our 8196 and 8175 parts are compatible with Goulds™ 3196 and 3175 models. Most parts in stock at Anchor Sales.

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MAINTelligence by DMSI: New line available now 
MAINTelligence™ is one system that handles maintenance management, work orders, condition based maintenance, data collection and analysis, and asset basic care. The benefit is that it provides users with automatic integration of what normally constitutes three separate software systems (EAM/CMMS, PdM, and TPM/inspection systems). MAINTelligence is used in hundreds of sites worldwide, ranging from some of the world's largest industrial operations to single remote sites. It is used to manage Asset Basic Care programs (operator-based reliability initiatives), condition based maintenance programs and as a CMMS system.
Pump Detective
Pump Detective

The Case of the Hot Oil Pump Not Making Capacity:

: We were called with complaint that a new pump was installed but not meeting performance.

Solution: Fix a tube leak in the heat exchanger.

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