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Stuffing Boxes

When you hear the word "stuffing", many people think of stuffing for turkeys. This leads to some  of the misconceptions about stuffing boxes for pumps.

When centrifugal pumps were developed there was a need to prevent the pumpage from pouring out through the open clearance between the pump casing back and the rotating shaft, which turns the impeller. This was accomplished by stuffing rope like material, called packing, into a cylindrical opening in the rear of the casing where the shaft passes through it.

Featured Products
Pitbull Pump

PitbullŪ Pumps: Tough Sumps Made Easy

The Pitbull pump is an innovative, simple solution to many of industry's difficult pumping applications. Using only two check valves and a hollow chamber, the Pitbull will fill and then discharge almost any combination of liquid and solids that can flow through its wide open inlet.

The operation of the Pitbull is inherently automatic unlike conventional pumps, so it will match the cycle rate to the inflow rate, and shut itself off when flow stops without needing level controls. Pitbulls use compressed air as the motive force, acting directly on the liquid without the need for diaphragms or seals. The all-pneumatic operation simplifies installation, eliminates shock hazards and is suitable for explosion- proof areas.


Grindex Pumps: Submersibles for Tough Applications Grindex Pump

Grindex offers a portable submersible pump line that will save you time and money. These pumps are durable and reliable with user-friendly features that will also be appreciated by your staff. They can also be used for back-up pumping when primary sump pumps fail. Here are some of the unique features and benefits:   
  • Air Valve that allows the pump to run dry without motor damage, guaranteeing continuous unattended operation.

  • Phase guard, protection against single phasing, the pump will automatically shut down preventing costly repairs.

  • Rota sense, this unique feature ensures that the pump will only run in the correct direction, will not run backwards, eliminating costly repairs.

  • Temperature Guard, protection against overheating; the pump will automatically shut down to prevent serious motor damage.

  • Recessed vortex impeller designed for heavy liquids with solid particles up to the size of a tennis ball.
Pump Detective
Pump Detective

The case of the poorly performing (piped) pump:

: A customer started up a new pump and complained it was not meeting its performance curve. This in spite of the fact that the pump was factory tested and certified.

Solution: Eliminate the horizontal elbow immediately before the pump.

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