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Monday, January 25, 2010
Announcing my new Monday morning memo

This brief, weekly memo is meant to give you pause to think, reflect, react, and ponder at the beginning of your work week.  It will include one focus point and one quote for perspective. It's meant to be quick and to the point. No announcements, resources, or links will be found on this memo.   This is about offering value and inspiration to you to thrive in your life.  I hope you enjoy!

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This week's focus point - We are halfway through the two-week circus which leads up to the Super Bowl.  Last week, there were two excellent championship games played and I enjoyed taking them in with my 19-year old daughter, Kelli.

While we were watching the first half of the Saints-Vikings game, Saints RB Reggie Bush muffed a punt and the Vikings recovered inside the Saints 10-yard line. This set up to be a huge momentum shift and game-changer. Kelli (we were pulling for the Saints) exclaimed how sad it was that this play was going to influence the final outcome. My response was, "The Vikings haven't scored yet. They are playing against guys who plan on stopping them." Sure enough, the next play, Vikings RB Adrian Peterson fumbled and the Saints recovered (pretty prophetic on my part, but I digress).  The Saints defense had "picked up" their teammate.

Do we have our "teammates" backs? Think about your work and family life. When someone muffs a ball or fumbles, do we have their back or do we point fingers and make excuses? What happens when we fumble?  Becoming a good team - whether it's a work environment, family, board of directors, or athletic team - requires having your teammates back and picking them up when mistakes happen. It should always be about team first.
This week's quote - A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.  Mark Twain

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