August 2012

Agility Partnering with Poole Executive Programs at 

North Carolina State University

By Nick Horney, Ph.D, Principal, Agility Consulting


The following interview was conducted with Dan McGurrin, Director of Poole Executive Programs at North Carolina State University. The summary below reflects a new partnership in support of leadership development and organizational transformation between Agility Consulting and North Carolina State University.  


Nick:  Dan, tell us about the Poole Executive Programs at N.C. State and how they are unique among other executive education programs. 

Dan:  Our focus on executive development supports our alumni model of technical experts in the marketplace (e.g., engineers, scientists, information technology specialists, etc.).  It is a development orientation that supports technical experts throughout their career. We concentrate on helping individual leaders and managers as well as organizations address and prepare for marketplace innovation and turbulence. We develop transformational leaders equipped to deal with the changing demands of the global economy, new technology, shifting demographics, etc.  Our faculty is oriented to the delivery of executive education that will enable marketplace success versus theoretical research.  Many on our faculty have deep and rich business experience in addition to their academic credentials. We like to fully engage with our clients/program participants by providing follow-on coaching to support their application of learning from workshop participation. 


Nick:  Why have you chosen to partner with Agility Consulting?

Dan:  The context of the business environment is very dynamic.  You have said it best when you shared the concept of VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) marketplace with us.  We find The AGILE Model to be very robust and aligns nicely with our executive education focus at N.C. State.   The benefit to us is that it is a well-researched and globally-applied model that provides structure to address leadership development and organizational transformation in a turbulent environment. 


Nick:  What are some illustrations of how this partnership will work?

Dan:  We have already begun work with Agility on a 5-year leadership development contract with the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) headquartered at Ft. Bragg.  JSOC is a successful organization directly impacted by and influencing a very VUCA world.  The leadership at JSOC recognized the need to continue transforming their own organization through a focused leadership development initiative, of which Agility Consulting is a component part.  Your 23-year experience in the Navy's Special Operations has provided additional face validity to our program.  Another opportunity for our collaboration is with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of N.C. which is an industry going through dramatic change.  Their new strategic model incorporates a capability to be agile and adaptable.  Partnering with Agility Consulting, we hope to provide the right solution for Blue Cross & Blue Shield.  

Generating Agility: Olympic Levels of Confidence

By Tom O'Shea, CMC, Principal, Agility Consulting


Every four years, the world stops for several weeks to witness incredible human accomplishment in the highly competitive world of sport and athletics.  We get to learn about real stories involving real people exhibiting great levels of sacrifice, commitment and determination that paved many roads of achievement leading 10,000 athletes to the games.   Drama-hungry TV producers also go to great lengths to capture and project these stories in an effort to broaden the audience appeal and attract non-sport enthusiast viewers too.  Whether the athlete's participate in individual or team sports, there seems to be at least one unifying characteristic present in all the medal winners ... CONFIDENCE.

As the Games wind down to their inevitable spectacular finale, it makes for a good time to reflect upon the many examples and lessons in individual and team performance at the peak.  Possibly one of the most dramatic and poignant examples of personal determination and confidence must be the amazing double-amputee South African middle distance sprinter Oscar Pistorius.  Known as the "Blade Runner" and the "fastest man on no legs", Pistorius was born without fibulas and had both legs amputated at young age of 11 months.  >> READ MORE

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