June 2012

By Tom O'Shea, CMC, Principal, Agility Consulting


It is interesting how often we work with senior leaders across the country who are keen for their organizations to move faster, work more collaboratively, become more efficient or simply create greater flexibility in adapting to the continuous change they find in their marketplaces today.  The "interesting" aspect is how often they are focused on the kind of changes they wish to see in OTHERS but they are not as attuned to the kind of changes THEY personally must make to light the path. Mahatma Gandhi provided great insight and a vivid personal example for a couple of generations ultimately leading to major transformative change in Indian society and culture.  One of Gandhi's many exhorts to his people (and the rest of us too) is that we should "BE the change we wish to see in the world".  There is no greater advice that we provide our clients and senior leaders than those simple words ... make it real.


Agile Model

Over the past eleven years, we have continued to refine and validate the efficacy of THE AGILE MODEL® as an effective framework for answering the question above ... both in terms of organizational behavior with our Organizational Agility Profile ™ as well as leadership behavior with our Leadership Agility Profile™.  Similar to the comprehensive health examination you hopefully get annually from your personal physician, both of these are diagnostic tools for evaluating health ... but these are built from years of research into the dynamics of organizational anatomy, psychology and human performance leading to the five key drivers in The Agile Model® involving 15 agile processes that act as the musculature that generate agility, speed and flexibility! READ MORE


We are in the final stages of developing the Agility Personality Profile (APP™), a personality assessment, and the Agility Scenario Profile (ASP™), a situational judgment test.  Both of these assessments are specifically designed for selecting and developing agile employees. These instruments are based on a decade of scientific research related to agility and preliminary data collected from hundreds of professionals. Below is an illustrative situation that a test participant would respond to when completing the ASP™.

Your potential role. We are seeking organizations that would be willing to partner with us on the administration of the APP™ and ASP™ with a group of their current employees. We are also seeking 50 subject matter experts to complete the ASP™ as a first step in our scoring.  The supervisor of each participant would also provide performance ratings for him/her based on a brief set of online questions to serve as the criterion measures for the validation of the APP™ and ASP™.


The benefits of participation. There are a number of benefits in participating with Agility as a validation site:

  • You will gain an inside look at two unique new tools designed to complement your current hiring and development processes.
  • Your organization will gain additional and new insights about the agility of the validation participants. 
  • We will provide a significant discount on your company's use of the APP™ and ASP™ products once they have been validated.
  • We will provide you a summary report of all employees from your company who participated in the study.

Contact Dr. Nick Horney (336-286-7250) about your organization's interest in participating in the validation study. 


Read more about the validation research on the 

Agility Personality Profile and the Agility Scenario Profile.

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