May 2012

Agility and the Power of WHY?

By Tom O'Shea, CMC


power of why

Life is going at such a blurring pace that it often makes everything around us seem fuzzy and out of focus.  Have you ever had that feeling?  As we travel around the country and globe working with clients in widely diverse industries and settings, this blur seems to be almost universally prevalent.  It is particularly profound in situations where the VUCA world has been especially disruptive, or where the leadership strength is noticeably lacking ... it is usually a combination of both conditions.  


This past year, I have enjoyed watching a collection of videos and reading the first book of anwhyhowwhat emerging author and internationally acclaimed speaker named Simon Sinek. His bestselling book and presentation at the TED productions called "How Great Leaders Inspire Others" is now the 19th most watched TED video ever! Both can be found at his website which includes other content and provides some very meaningful perspective that brings greater clarity to the blurriness described above including a discussion on what Sinek calls The Golden Circle illustrated here. 


 Agility Presentation at TALX Client Conference


nickDr. Nick Horney was invited to deliver a presentation on Agility at the annual TALX Client Conference in St. Louis.  The title of the presentation was "Developing Leadership Agility:  A Business Imperative."  About 300 Human Resource Executives from a broad range of industry sectors were represented at this conference.  

Nick shared the most current information and data from the decade of research and consulting on the topic of Leadership Agility by Agility Consulting.  When combined with other research on Agility from IBM, The Economist, McKinsey, London Business School, etc., the business case for implementing Leadership Agility as a key element of your executive development portfolio becomes quite compelling. 


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