April 2012

The Zen of Collaboration

By Tom O'Shea, CMC


The Zen of Collaboration

The nature of our VUCA WORLD has created the requirements for new kind of "consciousness" within organizations today.  Successful organizations must be focused, fast and flexible to compete in the VUCA world; but it is the "how" to get everyone on that page that can be so very challenging. Anyone who enjoys science fiction novels may already be familiar with Orson Scott Card's intriguing series, Ender's Game. The story presents an imperiled humankind barely surviving two conflicts with an insectoid alien species called "Buggers" by most of the population. An important part of the story revolves around competing against the Buggers powerful collective consciousness called "hive mind".  Ender Wiggin, the protagonist boy leader ultimately prevails to save the human race by creating comparable focus and shared consciousness combined with the remaining threads of human ingenuity.  Creating shared consciousness in thought and action within organizations sometimes seems almost like a science fiction fantasy in many circles today. 

American Management Association - Agility Blogs

By Nick Horney, Ph.D.


We have been asked to do a series of blogs on Agility for the American Management Association.  As you may be aware, we were asked by AMA to create a 2-day seminar called "Strategic Agility and Resilience" in 2005 and implemented it in 2006.  Since that time, the seminar has been and continues to be delivered globally.  One of our Agility Affiliates, Brian Anderson, has been a key resource for the delivery of this seminar.  Our relationship with AMA has expanded with the introduction of AMA Shift - a 2011 initiative to share current and future organizational leadership topics through blogs.


AMA Shift, Blog 1 

How to build an agile business that can ride the wave of mobile technology 

This blog addressed the challenges leaders face with the exponential explosion of data and access to data through mobile technology.  It also addresses how this challenge can be met through a focused effort to build a leadership agility capability. 


AMA Shift, Blog 2

What businesses can learn about agility from Navy Special Operations Teams 

This blog shares some of my experience during my 23-year career as a Navy Special Operations Officer.  The Bin Laden operation by SEAL Team Six is discussed through the lens of The AGILE Model®.   In addition, readers have an opportunity to learn and experience more about Special Operations Agility through our keynote presentations and our seminars

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