February 2012
Bias for Action ... the Navy Seal's Way!

WHY is creating organizational capability for Initiating Action so important today?   Growing complexity, for one reason, which when combined with the faster than ever pace of business and getting faster every day, is creating a new round of "survival of the fittest". Those organizations and leaders who are able to "get stuff done" will survive and thrive in this new age leadership reality.   The challenge for many leaders, however, is in adapting and learning new approaches for initiating action as their favored "command and control" style doesn't work like it did in "the old days". Culturally and technologically, it seems like life is on steroids as the pressures for answers and decisions outdoes the capabilities to generate answers for many, if not most knowledge workers today.


This week, the son of a dear friend and colleague in Chicago comes home after eleven years as an officer and team leader in the Navy Seals. Thankfully, Chad comes home proud of his service to country but also able to look forward to building the next chapter in his life. Many of his friends, colleagues and team members will not have that opportunity.   For the past six months, we have corresponded with Chad about leadership challenges in the VUCA world he faces everyday ... volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. We are building a workshop concept that combines the leadership lessons that guide Navy Seals success together with our Agile Model.   Below are some real excerpts of Seals leadership ethos written by Chad ... I think you will see how powerful and applicable they are to leaders competing in the VUCA world everywhere! (READ MORE)

Agility Consulting is Developing Personnel Selection Tools focused on the

Core Competency of AGILITY


Agility has clearly become a crucial characteristic of successful workers in the 21st Century. But specific tools do not currently exist for managers who need to hire agile employees. How, then, can savvy business leaders pick the right people from an overly crowded field of job applicants?


Agility Consulting is in the early phases of validating the Agility Scenario Profile (ASP)™, a situational judgement assessment specifically designed to assist in the selection of agile employees.  Click the link below to read more about our new assessment and how you can participate in the final validation stage. READ MORE

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