January 2012

Generating Confidence in 2012!


2011 was a year filled with new and remarkable levels of social and economic drama all around the globe as well as here in the USA.  We have seen vivid examples of a number of countries (ours included) facing shattering levels of economic distress while government leaders  and political parties seemed to be playing high stakes poker with serious, unpredictable consequences.  All around the globe and throughout much of 2011, average citizens could do nothing but stand by and watch a very unsettling type of "reality TV" each day on the evening news.  What we were watching was a case study in how to disintegrate global confidence ... in governments, leaders, financial markets and in some cases even things like "the American Dream"!  In the U.S., this disintegration of consumer confidence manifested itself with the lowest "approval" ratings for Congressional leaders ... EVER!  So, what could be in store for 2012? READ MORE

Here is a view of how Amazon's stated values 

or business principles are mapped to 

The Agile Model®:


We will be devoting a portion of each newsletter to the review of a leader, team, organization or current event/topic through the lens of The AGILE Model®.  This month, we have shared a brief overview of the agility demonstrated by Amazon.com.  

  • Anticipate Change -- Customer Obsession: We start with the customer and work backwards.
  • Liberate Thinking -- Innovation: If you don't listen to your customers you will fail. But if you only listen to your customers you will also fail.
  • Initiate Action -- Bias for Action: We live in a time of unheralded revolution and insurmountable opportunity--provided we make every minute count.
  • Generate Confidence -- Ownership: Ownership matters when you're building a great company. Owners think long-term, plead passionately for their projects and ideas, and are empowered to respectfully challenge decisions.
  • Generate Confidence - High Hiring Bar: When making a hiring decision we ask ourselves: "Will I admire this person? Will I learn from this person? Is this person a superstar?"
  • Evaluate Results -- Frugality: We spend money on things that really matter and believe that frugality breeds resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and invention!

The video profile below from the London Business School will provide you with some of the behind-the-scenes examples of agility at Amazon.com

Here is a brief 5-minute video that will provide an inside view of how Amazon is able to demonstrate agility.
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