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connectingBy Tom O'Shea, CMC, Principal, Agility Consulting

Confidence is something in very short supply these days across our country and the rest of the world.  Can you remember those days when elected leaders and major financial institutions actually engendered trust and high confidence?  We all took-it-for-granted, that things would "work out" ... because they always had for the most part.


The volatility and uncertainty we face each day in today's climate erodes our sense of confidence ... especially when we keep seeing highly visible examples of the integrity or veracity of important institutional leaders continue to fracture.  We are beginning to also see growing skepticism and even cynicism about leadership in the face of this disillusionment.  Presidential approval ratings circa 40% and Congressional ratings in the teens paints a cloudy picture.  What can we do?


Leadership Agility

By Michael Stafford, Ph.D & Nick Horney, Ph.D


Massive changes in our world are evidenced in news headlines on a daily basis. Among them are technology improvements, changes in foreign governments, health care changes, and economic concerns. Each of these has a significant impact on the workplace. Former Starbucks SVP, Talent Management, Michael Stafford, and Nick Horney coauthored an article for the Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University.  They describe four actions leaders can take to create a more agile workplace. READ MORE

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