Leadership Narcosis™ - Symptoms and Solutions

By Nick Horney, Ph.D

Retired Captain, Navy Special Operations


scuba As a Special Operations Officer in the Navy, it was critical to anticipate change through constant monitoring of conditions impacting the team as well as each individual.  It was not all that uncommon for a diver to experience nitrogen narcosis, a reversible alteration in consciousness producing a state similar to alcohol intoxication when diving at depth.  Due to its perception-altering effects, the onset of nitrogen narcosis may be hard to recognize, its severity is unpredictable, and in scuba diving, the resulting illogical behavior can be fatal.  Dangerous characteristics of nitrogen narcosis include the loss of decision-making ability, loss of focus, or impaired judgment.  However, the cure for nitrogen narcosis is a simple one, as effects disappear within minutes upon ascending to shallower depths. 

At Agility Consulting, we have adopted a US Army term, VUCA, used to describe the current and future marketplace (e.g., Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous).  The fact is that the world around us is accelerating at an alarming pace.  Without a disciplined and focused effort by leaders to monitor the business environment, it is possible for leaders to start showing signs and symptoms resembling nitrogen narcosis that we refer to as Leadership Narcosis™.  What can be done to help these leaders and others exhibiting signs of Leadership Narcosis™? >> READ MORE

Monitoring: Keys to Recognizing Patterns

By Tom O'Shea, CMC


monitoring Zoom!  So many moving parts in today's new age economy are bringing a "universe" of complexity for CEO's and business leaders to sort through to make sense of their businesses.  It seems that we are just now discovering that our entire universe may also be unexplainably expanding at an accelerated pace ... as recognized recently by the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics!  As the illustration of the CEO complexity universe suggests, there are a myriad of diverse issues that business leaders must consider as they navigate their organizations towards success. >> READ MORE

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