We have recently witnessed some extraordinary examples of total Team Agility during the Women's World Cup competition in Germany that resulted in an amazing victory for the Japanese women's team.  Even though we were greatly disappointed that the American women did not emerge champions, they also displayed many of the important characteristics of a true high performance team ... determination, resilience and of course the agility to seize opportunities even with only seconds left in the competition.  It must be said, however, that the Japanese women earned their first World Cup Championship through superior team agility and much good fortune.  They were a team that was focused, fast and flexible and ultimately able to win the world's most prized sports team trophy ... against all odds! READ MORE

What Businesses Can Learn About Agility from Navy Special Operations Teams

by Nick Horney, Ph.D (Retired Navy Captain, Special Operations, Diving & EOD)



Much more is known about the Navy's Special Operations Teams as a result of the Osama Bin Laden operation by Seal Team Six and the portrayal of the Navy's first African American Diver and later Master Diver, Carl Brashear, by Hollywood's Cuba Gooding in the film Men of Honor (2000).  Special Operations is the Navy's designation of similar specialty diving units - Seal Team, Diving & Salvage and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).  The characteristics that come to mind when you think of the Navy's Special Operations Teams include "agile, fast, elite, focused, adaptable, aware, confident, stealthy," etc.   So what can businesses faced with a highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment learn from the agility of the Navy's Special Operations Teams?  Here is a quick summary of how Seal Team Six recently demonstrated Team Agility. Click here to READ MORE.

Introducing Team Agility Toolkit


Agile teams do the important stuff very well ... like communication, decision-making and leveraging team time in meetings to address the right topics.  We are introducing a new series of simple Team Agility Tools ... laminated pocket cards that are useful references that will help teams get better at key agile team processes. Click here to READ MORE.



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